Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2nd swim class and an ass kicking on the trainer

Monday night I had my second swim class. My warmup was basically torture since my body was essentially trashed from Sunday's half Marathon. Fortunately the swim class loosened me up by the end and turned out to be the greatest form of active recovery.

Oh so I thought....

Until last night when I went to my first of about 10 spin classes this fall. I basically got my ass handed to me. My coach had me spinning in these freaking huge gears that were unrelenting. At some points I just wanted to stop, get off, go home and cry. I have only been off of my bike for 2 weeks!

But anyways, this ass kicking will good for in terms of keeping me active and in shape with some intensity. I need to get a cadence computer for my bike, since some of the spin sets are cadence based.


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