Friday, October 31, 2008

Signed up for the NYC Triathlon, '09

Because I am a USAT member, I got the privilege of signing up early for the NYC Triathlon '09. This means I don't have to skip out of the Halloween party @ midnight to sign up! Phew!

Whats crazy is that this race is super expensive for an Olympic distance race. I am basically paying $240 for an under 3 hour race in which I will swim in the Hudson river. Whatever, its freaking NYC, where I will be 1 of 4000 racers, making this one of the biggest races that I will EVER do, aside from a marathon.

Workout wise, I did a short 23 min swim Wednesday night, then did two dreadmill runs yesterday morning and this morningfor 30 mins each, with some speed intervals thrown in there to mix things up. Nothing much, just something to maintain things. I actually broke my personal record this month for running mileage. I did a little over 56 miles! That is 5 more miles than my previous 2 months, which happened to be exactly the same. My biking mileage was a poor 76 miles, while my total swim yardage was a measly 7000 yards. Blah!

It has been good to ramp things down for a bit and recharge. I can say though that while my swim volume has decreased, my swim technique has already seen huge gains through my swim class.


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