Monday, July 18, 2011

The Official How to Track or Stalk Jon @ Lake Placid Post

Wanna follow my progress this Sunday while I attempt my first Ironman at Lake Placid?

Since joining twitter, I guess I upped the dosage of social networking another notch. However! Socal networking is the best way to keep track of people racing, especially if someone is giving up to the second updates.

My entire family will be with me at Placid, and I plan to hand over my facebook and twitter accounts to them (gasp!) and have them do more thorough updates WITH pictures and possibly video.

So here are Five ways to track me this Sunday:

#1: In Person
Are you spectating? Or racing? If you see a 5'7" guy on a Blue P2 Cervelo with Zipp Wheels who looks like this:
I am the short guy in the middle

You have found me. The kit pictured above is the same kit I will be using.

#2 Ironman Live

either enter my bib #, 918, or look up by name: Leonard Campbell

I am racing in the 25-29 age group.

Waaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttt a sec? Who the heck is Leonard Campbell? Its my legal name. I go by my middle name, Jon. Fun fact! I share the same initials with probably the most significant historical figure in the past 2000 years. Sorry, but I ain't the second coming.

#3: Twitter
Definitely the fastest way to get up to the moment info when my family sees me and hopefully gets a photo of me.!/vrljc

#4: Facebook
A bit apprehensive about posting this, but I hope most people who follow this blog are legit. If you are, friend me. Don't be offended if I don't answer your request by race day. Gonna be busy!

#5: The Mystery Connection
Somehow you will hear from me. That is all I am going to say.

Hope you will be able to follow me! I understand most of you are training for you own big races and will most likely be out for a 6 hour workout that day. No worries! I will be out there for 12 :)


  1. I got 3 of the 5 covered, good luck!!

  2. You're going to rock it, and I'll try to follow you as much as I can. Good luck!

  3. You do have us covered. Thanks and Good Luck!

  4. Note on #1: If you can't see him because of the height (or lack there of), just listen for the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, sound of his Zipp wheels ;) haha!

    Like BDD, I'll be covering 3 of 5.

    Good luck!

  5. Like the other members of Team USA v Team Country of Texas I got you on 3 of 5 and I am guessing since you are huge cycling fan that you are going to be hooked up like Lance in the Tour with an earpiece and commenting the whole ride????? Am I close?

    Dude, I am so fired up for all of you guys. This is going to be epic to track all of you all day long.

  6. Jon - friend of Aggie21 (Jill) here. Enjoy the blog! ill be on the sideslines up there so will keep an eye out for you! Best of luck - you are going to do great!!

  7. LC ....Lauren Conrad of the Hills?

  8. ooh, I like it. I'll super stalk you as much as possible from DC!

  9. #6 hope to see Jon at start because he'll be flying too fast for me to see on the course all day!

  10. NICE!! I am just now writing the same freaking post. Too funny. Except I haven't figured out how to let my friends update my FB/Twitter pages because they are just not savvy.


  11. Cannot wait to Commence Stalking!

    Pretty sure I know what #5 is - make sure to email the link.

  12. Good luck!! Leonard though? ;)

  13. I will be getting my workout done early so I can plunk my butt in front of Ironmanlive and watch you! Consider yourself stalked.
    You are so ready for this - go get 'em!!

  14. I don't Twitter so 2 out of 5 covered. Now go crush that course!

  15. can't wait to stalk by twitter and facebook. you're gonna rock it!!!

  16. Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to read the RR (after stalking of course).

  17. YAY!!!! Can't wait to stalk you. Ooooh... I'm interested to know what #5 is!!!

  18. Just found your blog, good luck at Lake Placid!

  19. I will be stalking you via satellite. I've got my box of donuts and binoculars all ready to go.

  20. You will do great, get er done!


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