Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Triathlon Future is in.......Drum Roll Please!!!!


I plan to invade that country like John Candy invaded it in Canadian Bacon. (Don't worry, I'll bring back my trash).


But really, my future in triathlon is in Ironman. Yep, I will going long again, only this time 14 months from now in Mont Treblant, Quebec at the inaugral Ironman Mont Tremblant.

But didn't I say I wanted to "refocus" on the shorter distances? Fortunately a quick email to my coach solved the issue. I told him, "I like the long distances, but I also like the short distances. What can I do about it?" His response:

"There is a misconception out there that you either need to train for short course races or Ironmans. I don’t know how this began, but it is possible to do both well. Many feel that you lose your speed when training for an IM, but that is only if you just train long and slow. This Mont Tremblant Ironman, to me, looks more interesting than the NYC IM

My thoughts are that you are young and single. Your life is only going to get more and more busy in the coming years. Do these things now while you can put in a solid dose of time. You can still do them as you do get busier, but now is your time to see what you can do from a performance standpoint. I do know that you will want to sign up for another IM after doing LP. First, you will, like all triathletes, overanalyze your race to death thinking about where and when you could have been faster. Then, you will miss that super goal, and that feeling of accomplishment and peak fitness.

I did my first IM in 96’ – the goal was to do one and then move on. Look how that’s worked out for me." [He has done Kona 7 or 8 times and won his AG @ Placid in 2000]

And this, folks, is why I have a coach! Especially one who can see through the fog. At Ridgefield the other weekend, the speed was there, even though I wasn't specifically training for that kind of intensity. So I hope to mix in some more sprints next season! The recovery time from them is minuscule compared to a HIM and yet you can still get in the S/B/R. I could go on an hour long rant as to why doing a HIM leading up to an Ironman is not necessary and should be avoided. Another post....

So back to Mont Tremblant, there is gonna be a CREW of fun folks heading up. I think the partying is gonna be WAY more fun than the race!

Here is the current roll call:
Mandy @ Caratunk Girl
cdnhollywood @ Newbie Triathlete - 2011 Edition
Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner
Jeff @ DangleTheCarrot
Kevin @ IronmanByThirty
CouplaHounds @ A Long Road

Not racing it? Come on up to cheer! There are 1700 rooms at the resort alone. I hear the spouses/significant others have spa days planned. I am heading up this Fall (by myself if I have to!) to recon the courses and most importantly, recon the bars and restaurants.

 Kevin @ IronmanByThirty put together an AWESOME post describing the route and process of getting in and bit about the town. Read about it HERE. CouplaHounds @ A Long Road also put together a post WITH VIDEO! of parts of the course. Read about it HERE.

If you do come up to race or spectate, and in case you don't speak a lick of French, these four simple phrases will keep you happy at any watering hole establishment. (I'll let you figure out the translation) ;)
  • Une biere pression, s'il vous plaît
  • Une verre du vin rouge
  • Une verre du vin blanc
  • Une verre du vin rose 

Finally, since we are talking about the future here, might as well mention the past to the present to get all of the tenses in here. I finally received my 5 year plaque for service at my current job. Soooo, it too only 6 months to get made, but better late than never! With 4 movies made (Ice Age 2, Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age 3, Rio!) and two more on the way (Ice Age 4, Leafmen), I'd say I have done quite a bit over the past 5.5 years since I have been here.


  1. I looks beautiful minus the mountains to climb in the saddle. I am quite verused in Canadian ways, but Quebec is a whole different culture, if it was up to them, they be their own country and not part of Canada.

    Congrats on the anniversary

  2. BDD is going to be our super sherpa, I hear!

    14mos is so long to wait. Not sure how to pass the time? Could do some training but what fun is that?

    Congrats on the 5yr anniversary! How are you pug fur animation skills coming along?

  3. I am super excited for you guys and there could be a good chance I am there to cheer you guys on and even volunteer if need be since that was such a fun experience at IMTX.

  4. IMMT is going to be awesome. You guys are going to have a blast. Now you just have to wait. Thanks for the hard work on the movies for us "viewers."

  5. JEALOUS. (kind of...) but seriously, awesome and I love that your coach is all about speed + ironman training. if anyone can rock both, it's you!

  6. Wahooooo! I'm going to take your coach's advice -- so wise. IMMT will be a blast!

  7. IMMT will be amazing. It's gorgeous there! I'm excited for the whole lot of you!

  8. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!! It seems like everyone is doing it!!!! You guys should put on your own self supported camp! Congrats on the 5 year thing...I worked for FOX for about 2 years before they sold my company lol...did not end well.

  9. Yeah... I expect Canadian Bacon to be played 24/7 in everyone's rooms while up there LOL forgot all about that American Classic movie haha.

    I agree with your coach 100%. Heather's goal was to do an IM before she was 30... well, the real goal was before any threat of kids occurred hahaha!

    You got this man, one more year of going long.

  10. I'm doing Mt Tremblant too! add me me me to your list too!

    sorry, you blog sucks so I dont comment often.

    no, its not the content that sucks - I read it every day! Its a script that runs on your site that kills my browser. I just installed firefox specifically so I could come out of the woodwork and post here. dont you feel special? haha!

    Congrats on registration! :)

  11. Didn't take you long to figure out your future.

    Congrats on the 5 years anniversary plaque. I've been at my company for almost 10 years and haven't gotten shit. haha

    All together now, "Oh Canada, our home and native land."

    @Jeff - Pugs are animated? I thought all they did was lay around and sleep. haha

  12. Cool stuff Jon. Thanks for the blog mention...glad the course review is helping some people. I never told you I worked in Armonk for a year...not far from you!!

    Anyway, congrats on the amazing work you've done in animation.

    Can't wait to welcome y'all into our country :-)

  13. Super duper jealous, you guys will have an AWESOME time! I love your coach's advice!

  14. WOOHOO! So glad that you got in!

    And congrats on the plaque! :) better late than never!

  15. Woohoo about IMMT! Again, I am soo jealous! Congrats on your 5yr. award! That is just awesome!

  16. Your coach is right, do it now while you are young and have thecfreedom to do it. I could never fit it in at this stage in my life. Go for it!

    RE: Fox, congrats! Now show me the money! Funny, Tom didnt get one of those and he's been there for over 12 years....ok, the great raises made up for it.


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