Monday, July 11, 2011

Ironman will warp your "Perspective" on distance (and your brain)

I have probably written this post about a dozen times, usually every time I conquer or PR a new distance. For example, I still remark at the first time I ever ran three miles without stopping, then 4, then 5, then 6 (and I thought my arms were going to fall off!) and up to my first 13.1. 13.1 used to be a MONUMENTAL distance that involved taper, mental readiness, and dread. I used to get SO worked up over the distance!

That has all changed now.

I posted on my facebook page on Saturday:

I blame my coach! He sent me a voice mail the other night saying, "So I am gonna have you ride only 4 hours this Saturday. Don't worry, its gonna be a walk in park for you."

I just shook my head and said to myself, "Well, no shit! You dragged us up 230 hilly miles in 3 days only 2 weeks ago! Anything less than 5 hours is gonna be a short day!"

And you know what? He was right! 4 hours on the bike breezed by and that was the fastest (mental time) 30 min brick run I have ever done. Couldn't believe how quickly the time went by!

Oh and speaking of that run, it was a successful one.

I have been struggling with the brick runs lately, and I have figured it out. I wasn't drinking enough fluids on the bike when it was really hot out. I always drink ever 5 minutes, which is pretty often, but when you only take medium sized sips, that is still NOT enough liquid. So my thirst was quenched, but I was still going negative. This time I forced a lot more liquid into me by taking bigger sips. It worked and my stomach didn't revolt. If conditions are hot at Placid, I NEED to get 20oz/hour in, OR ELSE. I also held back on the effort level on the bike by one notch; this will be my Ironman pace.

Of course on Sunday during a short 90 min easy ride, I started going loopy. Somehow I bonked? I was thinking up some funny shit (at least I thought so).

Then I proceeded to sleep the day away. My body was TIRED. I have read a lot about the time during the Ironman taper that your body feels like it is going backwards. Boy I have felt it, especially in the pool. I haven't any consistent swims in a LONG time. Also on the run, there is this underlying dull feeling (could also be the Fumidity). Fortunately I have been told to just gut it out and that it is just your body absorbing the months and months of hard training. Come race day I should hopefully have that snap back......I just can't blow it in the first 45 minutes of the bike ;)

This morning was a "short" 1:50:00 run. I knocked off 12.5 miles . How is 12.5 miles short?!?!?! Mentally it was another quick run.Yes, training for an Ironman has warped everything.

Time to shoot an email to my coach for the next week of training. Curious to see what I will be doing!

Look forward to my next post. It will be a fun one :)


  1. Warped is a good way to put it. Keep up the good CRAZY work.

  2. That is so cool. Have a great week of taper and let your body absorb the training. You will rock IMLP!

  3. I love this post. I agree with you. Granted you are in a different world than me on the bike right now, but I do agree.

    The 70.3 was not mentally taxing to me. It was just another long weekend workout. I love that feeling :)

    Keep up the great work man. I can't stress enough how much the fluids do on the bike, its crazy, learning a lot about my body this year.

  4. Get back out there and give me another .6 miles! You said you were running a half Mary :) haha

    I can't believe how much easier the long rides are getting the more I do them. Knocking out 5 hours on the bike somehow seemed easier than some of my 1:30 rides.

  5. LOL!! on Friday, my plan called for "just 3 mile run" I was thinking "Wow, I just added "just" in front of 3 miles. THe longer rides are easier then the short ones, Long you know you have a bit to go, short, you just want to hammer to get it over with

    Its getting close, has to be taper time now

  6. Can't wait for you guys to get out on the LP course! You all are going to have such a wonderful time because you have put in the work.

  7. Yep, that's what endurance training does. Eventually it gets hard to get out of bed for "only" a 3 mile run. Or you start thinking you don't need to train at all for races less than 3 hours...

  8. I had this same reaction over the weekend. I rode 50 miles and felt like I basically hadn't done anything. Less than a year ago I'd never ridden further than 30. Oh, IM, how I love you.

    Woooooo taper!

  9. So funny, I totally know what you are talking about for sure. I have mushy brain right now.

    I just hope it isn't this hot in 13 days.

  10. emily and i (above) had the same reaction this weekend. wait, we only rode 50 miles? what about the other 50? and all the running? we're all twisted for sure.

  11. ditto

    my swims totally freaking suck for a week

    and DULL = the best possible description for my running over the past 14days

    need to find it again - fast!



  12. Ironman training totally warps distances! It's so crazy! Yay for taper! You are going to do so awesome at IMLP!

  13. My legs don't feel good during my taper until about two days before the race, so don't worry. Your legs will come around.

    You don't want to feel too good to soon because that would mean you're fully rested and recovered and you'll probably lose fitness before race day. The taper is about recovering, resting and timing it just right so that you feel great on race day, not a week before race day. It's a fine balance, but you have to trust that things will work out.

  14. do our minds have the ability to be more warped than they already are. This is not a good thing.....HA HA!!!!

    I can't wait to start IM training but I have a feeling that my coach has started that already. I have looked at some weeks and I am putting in 15-20 hours already. Can she really give me more than that?

  15. That moment, the one where 4 hour rides and 12 mile runs are short, are the moments that make you smile! You've come a long way...


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