Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Talk about starting all over again! Well, not really, but it is taking a LOT more effort to reach speeds or distances that used to be easy. Let's break it down:

The Swim:
On August 19th (IMMT) I swam the 2.4 mile swim (4224 yards) in 1:05:08 for a 1:32/100 yard pace. I peaked for the season with the swim FOR that swim. Mission accomplished!

Last night I did my 7th swim since. There was a 4 week block of NO swimming somewhere in between. I did a descending distance set going 500-400-300-200-100 for 1500 total yards with 1 min rest in between each distance. I was ZAPPED getting out of the pool. I held an average of 1:36/100 pace for the entire thing.

Basically I have zero endurance in the pool. Good news though! I flip turned the entire thing, which takes a lot more effort than open turns.

Every off season I always regret taking long breaks in the pool because of what I described as above. I don't mind losing fitness, I just hate starting all over again...

The Bike:
Like the swim, yesterday's trainer ride was the 7th time I have touched the bike since IMMT. However! There was a 7 week block of not touching the bike during that time. DOUBLE ouch!

I went outside for an hour this past weekend, and while my legs are totally fine riding, it is my butt that can't take it! Again, I wish I had ridden the bike at least once a week since IMMT just so my butt didn't lose its toughness to that saddle....

The Run:
This is actually one thing that I have kept up with. There was a 2-3 week period where I was only running 1 to 2 times a week, but I never lost my "feel" for the bike.

Unfortunately looking at heart rate is more like heart breaking! This morning was an easy 45 minute run in cool temperatures. Average heart rate? 160! Last February I was doing the same easy run in the same temperatures and holding an average heart rate in the low to mid 140's.

THAT is what inefficiency is.

Fortunately, the break I have taken during September and October has been great. I have mentally recharged a lot and let all of last season absorb into my body.

Going forward, I am looking forward to seeing those numbers improve!


  1. Don't count out the importance of recharging! I did and have been dealing with burnout for some time now!

  2. It just gives you something to motivate you. Isn't that what you wanted? :)

  3. Damn, you have been busy on the blog!

    I am with ya here. But, as I learned the hard way, breaks and recovery can not be taken for granted.

    My last swim was on August 19th.

    Every since I got the road bike I have been loving riding and my fitness is better than it should be? Go figure?

    Running is awful. A 9min pace is hard work right now. Each time out it is getting better but the frustration is really building.


  4. I haven't been on my tri bike since mid September. MTB all the way. Perfect way to take a break and not take a break from the bike at the same time. However, MTB is not a great way to keep the rear acclimated as you spend so much time in and out of the saddle.

    Hitting the pool consistently and still dropping the run mileage. For some reason, I am loving the 10-12 mile runs. I only run 3 times a week or so but each run is usually at the very least 8 miles if not 10+. I figure that if I am going to go get sweaty and/or cold, I might as well make the most of it.

    Keep at it! IMSG in only 6 months!

  5. Hey buddy!!! So I haven't swam since my IMMT "training day". Sooooo I need to get my ass in the pool. And it is going to HURT! I've been riding the trainer for a few weeks, but my crotch is still not broken in.

    Running is going well for me! Although I am only at about 7 miles for my longest run. I need to start building that up a little more.

    BUT. I am pretty well focused on IMLP for 2013. Hoping for a pretty good PR. Haven't decided what that I want that to be yet.

    Keep at it, you will get your speed back!


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