Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Cool Stuff Post

Training wise, I have NOTHING going on right now. Actually, I guess the only thing I can count is the number of Chocolate covered almonds I have been gorging on. So yummy!

Anyways......since training is at a standstill because I have a possible injury that "is common in adolescent girls" (boy am I gonna get a lot of crap for this! *cough* Jill *cough*)

Anyways!......since training is at a standstill, I might as well shift focus onto some nerdom and recent things in the triathlon world that I find intriguing.

Tri Tats
Alexa @ JustKeepSwimming recently did a sprint race where she was in the elite wave (cuz she is badass is why!) and she was sporting some tattoo race numbers. Totally jealous, I told her rightly so. Kevin @ IronmanByThirty, aka future Ironman-man, chimed in with "you know, you too can get those! (and we will double your order!)" and pointed me to the Tri Tats website.

For either $20, or $35, depending on if you like a larger size (TWSS!), you can get 20 tattoos of each number, which according to the web-site, "will last anywhere from 4 to 7 triathlons depending on the race numbers you are assigned."

So if you don't want a handwritten unprofessional race number on your arm, pick up a packet of these and look pro!

Apparently they give you a tan and bulk you up over night? (source)

Garmin Vector
Garmin finally entered the world of power on the bike. But instead of crank or rear hub based, this is the first pedal based power meter on the market (as far as I know). They bought out a company called Metrigear and rebranded the product. The pedals are compatible with the Look Keo cleat. The fact that it is made for a garmin cycling computer is a win in my book.

Only downside is the price. So far its set for a $1500 MSRP. Ouch. You can get a proven PowerTap wheel for MUCH cheaper at

I believe the dongles are for sending data. The sensors are inside the pedals. (source)
Pruis Project
Um, have you ever wanted to change gears by merely thinking, "Uhg, this hill is so steep! I need an easier gear!" Well, according to this, it is possible!
Peace out! You are tooooooo slooooooooow. I was turned onto the other week. It is sooooooo fast! I mapped Lake Placid in about 15 seconds with it and Mont Tremblant in about a minute, vs about 5+ minutes on mapmyride due to just waiting for the damn thing to catch up. Also! It gives better detailed and instant elevation charts. Mapmyrides is a freaking joke and 95% of the time doesn't load. Take a look at these three elevation charts I quickly built using I compiled Placid vs Mont Tremblant vs Wisconsin.

sooooooo pretty!

MAD spoofed my last movie, "Rio!" by turning all birds into Green Lanterns. This is so cool and is quite the compliment that a movie I worked on for two years made it into more main stream entertainment.


  1. Wow, I will wear tri tats all the time if it makes my legs bulk up and become more tan!

  2. You have teenage girl legs? heeee. Explains all the women's shoes you have lying around...

  3. That before and after pic is hysterical! Clearly the same person!

    I too have been following the Garmin Vector project since it's metigear days and am disappointed in the price point. IMO, it is about $500 to much. Long live the powertap.

    That MAD spoof is pretty cool!

  4. UGH, was hoping you found them cheaper haha.

    Man, great post.

    Can I join your injury club with a completely jacked up shoulder that grinds when I rotate it now?

  5. I want to make a movie someone will spoof! You're so lucky.

  6. My wife has a rule that will save you from buying the tri tats. "Always go to a female at body marking." That's your best chance at having a number that looks good. Or is even readable for that matter.

  7. Yeah I have been eating chocolate covered almonds myself. And drinking beer. It is quite the training regimen. :) HEY do Rev3 races, they have Tri Tats!

    Love the spoof!

  8. Man, those were some awesome links! I checked them all out. I'm kinda chillin' with the training right now too. It's cool that Rio is still making a big splash. Have a blessed day!

  9. Not just Apparently they give you a tan and bulk you up over night but also looks like they turn you into a man as well.

  10. All old news... well, except for the Rio spoof, that is new to me. haha

    I too was disappointed with the Garmin Vector price. I wonder how long they warranty it for. Seems like you could wear through the pedals in a couple years (faster than a wheel at least).


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