Friday, July 8, 2011

Fumidity: What Is It?


That's what it is.

It's annoying
It's gross
It smells like wet dog
It's my Kryptonite
It drives me insane
It can cause 3.5 pounds of sweat loss in 60 mins of moderate running
It allows you to ring out your running jersey (gross)
It makes you feel like you can jump and swim through the thick air
It makes you say, "I am running through a marshmallow."
It makes 66 degrees feel like 666 degrees
It makes you go from super human, to super slug
It even has been known to make grown men in Texas cry (yep! I went there!)

It makes me look this bad:
4 hour ride + 2 hour brick run + 85 degrees + 90% fumidity = disaster that day.

 It makes me look forward to Fall and cooler temperatures.

Stay cool and stay hydrated!


  1. LOL!!! I HATE humidity, but kinda like the 3.5 pound sweat loss ;) Nice way to sum it up. Couldn't agree more!

  2. 3.5 is ALOT for 60 minutes!!

    I found a science experiment for you, dont know when you would ever have time to try it out with IMLP soon and afterwards probably will need to recover for a bit. But "supposely" by cooling your core pre workout (with ice) allows you to perform better in extreme heat. Sounds like something you would like to toy around with.

  3. Humidity does suck! But please don't wish for any early fall. I don't want the cold weather that comes to Colorado!

  4. Those are not tears from the humidity in Texas, that is sweat dripping down our faces.

    BDD I like the idea and may incorporate that.

  5. Humidity is a bitch. I never thought it could get worse than it is in Savannah. Unfortunately, DC puts that to shame. I'm such a baby about it.

  6. I HATE THE HUMIDITY! I yell at it from the bike.

  7. it is my reality... you described Florida from April to Novemeber... we actually have 2 seasons here... Christmas and Fumidity

  8. I hate the humidity too! It has been crazy here lately!

  9. I'm with you on this one. Yesterday on my run in CP I saw some lawn sprinklers on and just stopped and stood in the spray. I am also not above stopping at the playground and sticking my head in their sprinkler (pushing kids aside to make room for me). Thank God there is one of these in the middle of my long run route.....I will be visiting it tomorrow. Find one! Hang in there, it's almost time!

  10. Humidity BLOWS! I'm the same way as you with it. I'm really from the South, and it never really gets below like 90% all the time down there. Keep hydrating!

  11. Wow didn't even know Blogger had font that big (-:

  12. i love the humidity. all this week i got to run/bike in 85-ish degrees with 90% humidity. and let's not forget that this is at 6:30-7:00 am when it is the "cool" part of the day.

    but, i'd take this over the cold any day. i hate the cold.

  13. Annnnd it also could happen on race day. Way to HTFU and get it done. :)

  14. This morning we woke up and it was 75 degrees with 100% humidity - perfect for a suckfest race!

    I hate Fumidity!


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