Thursday, January 31, 2008

started running week 4

I actually got up early this AM and got onto the dreadmill for the start of coolrunning's week 4. I really don't know how to describe it other than I just did it. Wasn't a huge deal, didn't hurt that much, was kind bored while doing it and was glad that it was over. If you can't tell already, I really don't like running as much as I do either cycling or swimming. @ least I CAN run.

The weather is supposed to be 46 on saturday and 47 on sunday...soooooo Im gonna get outSIDE onto the bike for both those days. I am going to try to find both my max heart rates for cycling and running (cycling first if you know what I mean). Should be interesting but most of all will help determine true values when I am cycling or jogging @ 60-70% of my max heart rate, because I will know what that heart rate is!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

swimming week 2

What an improvement over last week! I could just go and go tonight. What I did was go 4 laps, rest, and repeat. I ended up with 44 laps or 3300 feet or .625 miles of swimming. I guess I just wanted to really piss off my arm swimming muscles. My kicking still sucks and I feel that I need to do some kickboard drills. I mean, my kicking REALLY sucks. I guess its sorta a good thing in that it helps my arms get stronger, but I really should not be reinforcing bad habits. Off to sports authority I go...

I finally got my resting heart rate last night. I fell asleep for 3.5 hours before I woke up for whatever reason. My average was 56BPM and I will call that my resting heart rate. I still need to test it again because 3.5 hours wasn't exactly the greatest amount of sleep. I'd rather use 8 straight hours to even out the high's and have the average be more of a low.

Tomarrow AM I am starting week 4 of

finshed week 3....and snowboarding

I went snowboarding last saturday. Snow was great. I used my Prior 162 Slalom board. I was able to pick up where I ended when I was in high school, of course I will never be that good again unless I ride 6 days a week again. Those were the days!

But my thighs started to hurt as expected. Feel the burn! It was a good burn. I didn't try to kill myself because I remember that my right knee will start to hurt from the twisting of the board on the chair lift. Overall it was a great day.

Tonight I did the usual 40 mins on the bike and I finished week 3.3 of The run was easy and I was actually a little board. Now the running will start to increase dramatically throught the program, so its going to only get harder to stay concentrated.

But as for the biking, I noticed a difference tonight; I was riding @ my normal tempo but I had a hard time keeping my heart rate % above the low 60%'s. Does that mean that my heart is already conditioned better? Maybe the two days of rest that I took helped let my heart catch up and readjust itself to the intensity that I am putting it through. There is only one way to find out and that is to get my resting heart rate. Of course I won't be able to tell for a few weeks, but if I do a reading tonight, and another this time next week and the same time for a weeks after tonight, I am expecting the data to show that my resting heart rate will fall, resulting in a more conditioned heart meaning that I am getting into shape!!! Of course that that is the case, but its cool to see some data back that up.

Yes I am a nerd sometimes :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

2nd swim

I last about 20+ mins tonight. Seems that even if I try to take it easy from the start that my breathing will still get going pretty well and my arms will wear out, but what is strange (and I noticed this the other night) is that after about 20 or so laps that things start to even out and I feel like that I can continue on...i guess that means that I am warmed up. I didn't want to go any further because tomarrow I am going snowboard (anyone up for a squats workout?!?!) and I am hoping to continue swimming first thing sunday AM. All I know is that I am gonna be sore tomarrow night.

I think I might just take sunday off for not only a mental rest but mostly a physical rest. Prolly what I should do is get the swim in, hit up the last bit of the run for week 3 and take monday off.

Who knows, lets see how we shall see.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

week 3.2 run

cycle was whatever, the usual 40mins @ 65%
run felt easy consider I swam last night and my thighs were burning(a different burn, not like a crispy legs burn, but like a strain burn) on the way down to the gym. But i didn't feel an ounce of it when i started to spin on the bike. Who knows.

The run was a piece of cake, although i wish i did go longer. But I need to show restraint.

I read a good something in all of my reading and that is that the bigger the base, the bigger the peak. PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE!!!! and some restraint :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

started swimming tonight

I have been lazy far too long. Today i went to the Y, signed up, then tonight started in the pool.


And the pool is really nice too. I thought the pool was going to freezing, but the temperature was perfect and I had my own lane (there were only 2 others in the pool).

So of course I started out the first two laps the way that I swim, which is a pretty good clip, except I am outa shape, so that lasted for about four laps until I had to stop and rest. I started to pace myself and was able to do 22 laps, which @ 25 yards each, is 550 yards, which is 1650 feet, which is about 1/4 of a mile. Not bad for the my first time out. I guess it helps when you were taught how to swim by a former olympic diving coach :)

I am going to try to swim 3 times a week and get my 1/4 mile down without stopping. Most sprint triathlons are 1/4-1/2 mile swim. I can easily see myself swimming 1 mile, 3 times a week within a few months. I guess because I was taught how to swim (and taught properly) that I am not afraid of swimming and that I have a confidence in the sport, something that I know I do NOT have in running. @ least I have 2/3 of the sports down. However, I shouldn't "count my chickens before they hatch" cuz this is just day one. The biggest test will be can I swim 3 times a week consistenly ON TOP of running and swimming.

We shall see!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

starting week 3 on

I started week 3 on, nothing special other than my upper right ankle is flaring up again. It doesn't hurt that much while running, just when I stop. I still haven't found my max heart rate yet...gotta find time to do it. Also, I was on my way to the Y but got side tracked and went to eat Indian food instead for lunch...i gotta show some more restraint and learn how to say no...but then again, eating Indian food is not exactly the worst thing for you.

I am going to "try" to sleep with the heart rate monitor on tonight and get my resting heart rate. The monitor only gives you your max and average, so hopefully over 7 hour span the average will kill off the highs of going to bed and waking up. Again, not accurate, but an approximation. At least I can record this data and check to see improvement if that number declines (which I hope it will)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

heart rate monitor 2.0

Used the monitor again tonight. I did 40 mins @ ~65% of my max heart rate on the stationary @ a constant pace then I did the part 3 of my week 2 couch to 5K plan. Its definately time to move onto next week. I almost went ahead but good thing I stayed right ankle is being stupid. Just feels tight. I have noticed that comes and goes.

As for the monitor, it is not spitting our graphs in the way that I hoped it would. However, I am realizing that spending $106 on a monitor will get you a good monitor, but nothing incredibly special like actually spitting out a detailed line graph. I think I may have to spend $300 for one of those. Maybe next season.

My monitor, the Polar F6, does give enough info for me for now. It gives me the constant %rate and when I upload the info to, i can see in a more laid out plan that my average for tonight was 66% (exactly what I was shooting for) and that I hit a max of 90%, which I really don't think is correct. I think this is incorrect because I am going off of default settings based off my age, weight, height input. I REALLY need to get out there and sprint till I die to get my max heart rate, input that in and get some more exact numbers.

It also did say that I burned 702 calories, which again could just be an approximation. I am not in any way banking anything on the calorie number.

I also picked up Sally Edwards Cycling Heart Rate book, which contains some info that I already know, but there is some new stuff in there that is interesting.

Till next time.

Friday, January 18, 2008

heart rate monitor

I bought a polar heart rate monitor last night and tried it out. Its pretty dang cool!

I tried to cycle and keep my heart rate % at around 60-65% but I had a hard time keeping it below 70%. I guess you just have to go really easy. Of course I have yet to determine what my max heart rate is, so 70% is just based off of the info i gave, such as my age height and weight.

There is a book that I have seen a couple of times on heart rate monitors that I am wanting to get. Hopefully that will help me get setup more, as the manual that comes with the monitor is basically crap. Apparently I can upload the data from the monitor to my pc through my microphone input and then send the data to polar's web-site. I was too tired after my biking last night to do that. Tonight I will try it.

But as for the biking itself, I wanted to see how easy it was to keep my heart rate at a steady pace, which I mostly did. But then I wanted to see how my heart rate will vary, so I used an interval setting on the stationary bike. That sure did the trick! during the middle of the intervals I was really hurting and @ one point my heart rate monitor reported I maxed out @ 87%. Not sure what exact number that is but I will check tonight.

Also about the book, I am hoping it will tell you how to train @ certain heart rate zones to improve your heart rate and your conditioning. We will find out.

But so far, the heart rate monitor is definately a good purchase.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

indoors again

just felt like working out tonight....wierd, a strange sense of i took it

did 40 mins on the stationary bike @ a constant low intensity level, then the same walk run as last night.

i have been reading that doing an endurance workout @ 60% or lower than your max heart rate will have your body use mostly fat as fuel rather than carbohydrate glycogen stored in your muscles. However, what is 60% of my max heart rate?

I guess that means that I will need to go buy a heart rate monitor, which is something that I have been wanting to do for a few seasons now.

Also, I need some new running shows. I feel like my current ones looks like the one's Forrest Gump wore AFTER his trek across the US 3.5 times.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

indoors today

nothing special tonight

20 mins on level 1 on the stationary bike

then 30 mins on the dreadmill....5 min walk, 2 min walk/1.5 min run alternate, 5 min walk

just something to get going again and to keep me moving and to stop feeling so lethargic

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a little too warm today actually

The weatherman was correct today, it was in fact in the low 60's with sunshine, and oh what a wonderful day it was. Muddy @ times, but glorious!

Actually this is the kinda weather where you can't tell how much clothing you will need. This is because when you are out in the open sun you feel warm wearing a short sleave with maybe arm tights. But as soon as you head down hill into a shaded corner you freeze to death. I took the benefit of the doubt and wore too much, but in such a way that I can adjust it while riding.

Here is my route for today.

Not super long, but it has enough hills in it to make a bit more challenging of a 23.5 mile route. I definately felt my legs today after a few of those hills. In fact by the end of the ride I could feel the lower left side of my back was pretty sore from the climbing. At least thats a sign that I did some damage today. Slow progress is @ least progress.

I have done this ride a few times but have always been intimidated by the ride just because of the number of hills in it. They aren't bad when singled out, but after one after the other adds up, it does a number on your legs. But I now deem this ride to be a great hill ride. Plus, the roads on this ride are usually in good condition with little traffice and plenty of opportunities to extend the ride.

Not sure when I will get back outside. I am dreading that the work that I put in this past weekend and today might be for nothing if I can't stay outside on a consistent basis. Riding indoors on a stationary doesn't quite keep the conditioning up that get from the outside.

Pray for warmer January....right....

Monday, January 7, 2008

warm weekend in january

I actually got out twice on the bike this past weekend. As long as its 40+ outside (wind permitting) I can go outside; I need to bundle up, but I can get out @ least.

On saturday I did a short ride considering its been forever since I was out on the bike. I did my usual loop minus the 2nd half. I could feel it by the end but wanted to save my legs for sunday which was the warmer of the two days.

So on Sunday I did my usual 20 mile loop with the steep hill @ the end. I am now calling this "Beemer Hill" because I always see a BMW on this one mile hill. I guess looking out for a BMW is just a way to keep my mind preoccupied from the constract cry that my legs give out while climbing this hill.

My legs overall felt great and didnt really feel any pain or soreness today. Hopefully the weather will hold out for a few more days and I can get out for some longer rides.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

its REALLY been awhile

As this blog basically died, so did the workouts along with it....i have noticed a trend:

The more motivated I am, the more I work out.
The more I work out the more I will blog about it.
The more I blog about it means that my condition is improving.

So I see that the last entry was October 9th....3 months off thereabouts. I have no regrets. I see that as a healthy time to not only let my body take a breath, but mostly my mind. When I start to dread working out, I know its time to quit for awhile. Plus it gives me more time to get mad at myself for slacking off and gives me motivation to start up again but more disciplined.

So the hiatus is over, and now its time to start the season new.

Tonight was on the bike @ the easiest setting for 20 mins and on the dreadmill for 30 mins of walk and run. Oh, its back to the couch to 5K program again. I am starting on week 2 this time cuz week one is too much of a walk in the park. Believe it or not in 8 weeks it will already be the beginning of march and hopefully by then I will be running 3 miles again and I can take it outside before the dreadmill kills all of my motivation for wanting to work out. We will deal with that when that time comes I guess.

Im still not swimming. I need to get to the Y ASAP. Its right next door! No excuses are valid. I have just been lazy.

Because this is the beginning of the season, my usual mentality is to get super motivated and go crazy right outa the start gate. I need to tell myself that it really is "OK!" to not have to work out 5 days a week right @ the beginning. In fact not doing that will keep my motivation longer through out the season and I wont injure myself.

So hears to a new season, and to cutting back on the beer. Oh I love it, but its gotta go for awhile.

I bought a scale before christmas. In the morning when I wake up and do my usualy morning business, I have been coming in @ around 170. Im 5" 6"....I think I am very healthy looking. Imagine if I dropped 10 pounds. I would be riding up a hill @ 160 pounds. Then I add a 10 pound weight to my bike. Thats what it was like riding last summer @ 170. Then I take the 10 pound weight off. I wonder how fast Im gonna accelerate? Wow, thats gonna be cool if I can make that a reality.

Anyways, to a new season!