Wednesday, November 3, 2010

this blog is now its own domain!

I am jumping on the bandwagon like a few other bloggers (The Daily Sweat) and making this blog into its own domain:

Don't worry! The switch should be seamless. Anyone still going to will automagically redirected or will see the same exact content.

If you are NOT a follower through the "Follow" gadget on the right side of this blog, but you follow me through google reader or some other reader, either click that "Follow" button and become a follower (I will give you a prize if you are my 100th follower!!!...its like caller # 9)...or! update your reader to follow

No worries if you are already a follower. But let me know if something goes wonky!

Apparently in the switch I lost my "Triathlon and Running blogs that I follow" lists. This is easy to replace, but annoying.

So google has really stepped it up over the last few months with better spam control and now this. I turned off my CAPTCHA (the word verification) when you post a comment to this blog. I have had ZERO spam since the new spam controls were put in place. Have you? If not, I would turn off your word verification as *I think* it is no longer necessary!

Also, I am seeing some kickass traffic tracking features under "Stats". Tells me my page hits and where people are being directed from as well as other traffic features.

If you want to go from to, do this:
After logging in via
- click on settings
- click on Publishing
- look for custom domain info. Should be right there @ the top

It is $10 but super quick and easy. Doing this gives you access to Google Apps and a whole slew of other things that I am discovering.

Let me know if anything is wonky by either visiting or

I can use the feedback!

P.S. I finally finished up my Race History page. Takes awhile to do all of those links! LOL! Recipes are next....


  1. Nice work!

    You'll love Google Apps. We use it for work and it is awesome.

    I decided that I should probably "officially" follow you - I always forget that step. You are at 98 now.

  2. Awesome!!! LOL nice one Kevin.

    I guess I will take your word and take off my word verification :)

  3. yay for the new domain!!

    thnx for the tips and ideas. ive been thinking of switching it up!

  4. Word verification off!!

    I tried to get my domain a few months ago and someone had bought the .com version. I looked up who bought it and it was some dude up north and he did it in Feb?

    He'll probably try to sale it to me at a profit - good luck with that.

  5. i can't find you anymore!! where did your blog go?? so no prizes for the faithful huh?? *LOL*

    Thanks for the tutorial

  6. High-5 to a new domain! We're so pro now. :)

  7. You hit the BigTime w/ the new domain! I would have de followed then followed to get 100 but someone just snared it:)


  8. Cool! But is that $10 a one shot deal or per month, etc.?

  9. This is great news! I will have to play around with it:) Having no word verification....excellent!

  10. Thats cool, how expensive is it a month?

  11. Sweet! :) Making your mark on the world! Bummer.. I've been following you by RSS and missed being number 100 by ONE! BLAH! ha ha I'm batting zero in the 'win something in blog world' category! ;)

  12. okay. I wanna be cool like you so I'm looking at it.. tell me what apps are you using/loving that make this worth it. Or is it like the Mdot... just makes you legit? :D

  13. re: me doing a triathlon: jon, u r crazy! i cant swim! lol

  14. help!
    where did you go to buy the domain?
    was it easy? will everything stay the same? will my ppl be automatically forwarded to the new site?

  15. never mind about the above comment. i figured it out! lol

  16. Nice one! I think I should follow your example at some stage.


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