Friday, November 12, 2010

The What are you Watching post?

Happy Friday!

Getting too cold out to ride during the week now and with work heating up as much as it is getting out for a lunch time ride is no longer possible.

Sooooooo, time to break the trainer out (more on this later, I am no longer using the Kurt Kinetic. I "upgraded").

Don't know about you, but I can't ride the trainer unless I have something good to watch. This is what will be getting me through this winter:

The Walking Dead, AMC
I loved the movie "28 Days Later" and this is basically a slower paced version of it with its own twist. Been reading that this show is based upon a comic book that is still on going, so I can cheat and read ahead (I won't) but it shows that this show could be around for a few seasons.

Conan! , TBS
Conan is back! He is feeling a bit rusty in his first few shows but I am sure he will find his old rhythm from the old "Late Night" days. I did get the opportunity to see him live in NYC before he moved out west. My stomach got a workout from laughing so hard!!! Too bad that Max Weinberg is no longer with the band. Bummer!

What shows/movies have you discovered that help you get through a trainer or dreadmill session?


  1. haha yeah I love Conan. Keep falling asleep during it though, WAYYYY past my bedtime.

    I really enjoyed riding my trainer to Wipeout. That show was a riot. Typically anything light hearted and funny makes the workouts easier in my mind.

  2. I DVR a bunch of stuff. I am with Matty O - Wipeout is a hoot! But I don't DVR that. I should...I love Conan too. I look for stuff that is either funny or lots of action - and usually for the action I put in a movie.

  3. If I am riding for a long period of time I will try to find a movie or I will stick in a Alias DVD and watch a couple of episodes. Otherwise, I will watch whatever is queued up on the DVR. That is usually a crime drama.

  4. Kurty is pretty top of the line, what did you get? Compu trainer? Rollers? Cant watch TV with rollers.... Hmmm I dunno

    DVR is the key, I save shows just for the trainer. I also pull out the portable DVD player, toss in a Spinerval and but the headphones in one ear and listen to Coach Troy bark out orders and watch tv with the other ear.

  5. I que up all the girly shows I haven't had a chance to watch recently and zone out to bad t.v. My boyfriend is a fan of rewatching old Ironman videos while on the trainer. I think we've seen Kona 2007 about 15 times.

  6. CSI and NCIS re-runs. You can find them on one channel or another anytime of day or night and they are an hour long. perfect for most of my workouts. Long workouts means i get to watch two or three episodes.

  7. We DVR stuff and then usually go for reality tv competition shows so we can yell at the tv while riding. We like Apprentice, Biggest Loser, and Survivor. If those are done, we do our other shows like House and Community.

  8. While on a recent dreadmill run, Hot Fuzz was on and I gotta say... it was a great distraction! And, speaking of, if you haven't seen Shawn of the Dead you're also missing out. A few laughs make the miles go a little faster.

  9. I usually don't need anything for the treadmill, but if I am running long I'll just put on some movie. Then I'm likely to stick it out til the end of the movie at least!

    As for the trainer - I'm new at that. I thought I'd be good enough with setting it up on the front porch in the winter but I tried that once and barely lasted 30min. I need to figure something out, cause it'd be too dang hot inside.

  10. I was running on the treadmill last night with Beethoven's Fifth blasting in my ears when I put my right hand down on the rail in front of me, closed my eyes, and blissed out on music and running for half a mile. Open my eyes, switch my phone to the right hand, put my left hand to the rail, and another blind half mile flew by.

  11. I watch chick flicks when running on the mill:) I also like TV DVD series....Mad Men, the Office, Glee and many others.

    Woo hoo! It is Friday!

  12. I watch almost anything. I have the TV on nearly all day while I work simply for background noise. Some great series that I like:
    Mad Men - I have a love/hate relationship with this one. It makes me so angry at the characters but is very well written
    Terriers - I think Caratunk girl actually recommended this one. It is the first season and is pretty good
    Dexter - Love this one. There are a couple seasons on Netflix.
    Arrested Development - Only a couple seasons, but absolutely hilarious

    Other than that, I will fall back to Law & Order, NCIS, CSI, Tosh.0, Office reruns.

  13. I have been watching GLEE!!! Ha ha!! Also I do have some Cycle videos where you are cycling through France. I pull those out once in a while. I also pretend Im a cycling instructor and just listen to music and tell my imaginary class what we are doing!!! Ba ha ha!!

  14. I love this!

    I started watching. "The Walking Dead" too. So far I am enjoying it! I enjoy most zombie shit though!

    Friday Night Lights is by far the best TV show that know one knows about. I've talked about this show so much to my friends that they have all bought the DVDs just to shut me up --- AND they all have thanked me later. I just start the final season on DirecTV 101 last week and so far it is excellent again!

    "The League" - on FX about a bunch of guys in a fantasy football league. Reminds me of my friends - which reminds me I need new friends.

    "ITs Always Sunny in Philadelphia" This show is just ridiculous, stupid humor. It is neither well written or well acted but it makes me laugh out loud.

    Oh and if you havent started on Mad Men yet get the DVDs - very entertaining.

    AND if you really want to be sucked into you television go by season One of The Wire. Best TV series every made - nothing is even close.

  15. Just saw a preview for a new show starting on Sunday. Brew Masters. Hosted by the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery. I've already got the DVR queued up.


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