Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Been awhile...

Yeah its been abote 10 days since I posted last, but I have been working out in the meantime, though not as much. So the day after the last post (which was a saturday), I actually went on a bike ride (sept 30th). I did my usual 20 mile route with the short but steep uphill ending before the quick 1 mile downhill. That ride was awesome. I hadnt been on my bike for about a month but it really didnt feel like I was off it at all. I think that running has kep my heart and breathing in shape and somewhat my muscles to keep me running smooth on the bike.

Then I didnt do crap for a few days until last thursday (oct 4th) I ran on the treadmill, uh i mean DREADMILL. Man those things suck. If I dont have a good show on tv to watch, game over. I did about 20 mins until i got a horrific side cramp and had to walk for a bit, then I ran for another 4 mins and said forget it. I guess its just a state of mind that I have to get myself into.

Then this past saturday (oct 7th), because we have been getting summer weather in october, i went for a run and completed my three mile run in 27:30, a new record for me, except I took a wrong turn and did the route the easy way where you run down hill more than up hill. Whatever, it was on a map 3 miles.

So then this brings me to this morning. Again, cuz of the weather its still great to get out in the morning as long as I can get up. This morning hurt because I am totally off schedule and not running on a consistent basis. This mornings run was one of those runs where you think your hurt is going to pop and explode out the front of your chest. It sucked but I got through it and was glad that I finished. 28:07 . Not bad.

My goal this weekend is to get back on the bike.

And its also time to start thinking about getting into the water and swimming.