Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brilliant! The Ice Cream Aid Station. An open letter to WTC.

Gotta give credit to Kevin @ IronmanByThirty's tweet:

 So I responded with:

And the idea was born. So I am writing a letter to the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).......not really.

Dear WTC,

Triathlete bloggers are the coolest people EVAR! Nuff said. So you should listen to us :)

Since Ironman Wisconsin takes place in the dairy capital of the US, there should be one or more ice cream aid stations on the run course. This will not only get easy calories into the athletes but it will also cool the internal cores of the athletes in case of hot and humid temperatures. This idea has been seconded by Kevin @ IronmanByThirty, thirded by Emily @ SpeedLaces, and fourthed by Katie @ "Tri"ingForPro. I think this is large enough of a population sample to show that NO triathletes are Lactose Intolerant.

Thank you for considering this awesome idea.

-The coolest people to walk the face of this earth.

Besides, who wants a finish line picture with a face like this?

Happy Training!


  1. i support this idea!!!!

  2. ps. did u notice that i just posted!!! yay i think blogger is fixed!

  3. Seriously send it and ask everyone you know to send it, then post it on forums and have then send it. Start a petition, I bet you can get over a hundred emails sent, though not one will be returned by WTC because they have had returning email skllls

    or better yet

    post this on Slow Twitch, the comments will be worth the read

  4. I love the idea even though I'd personally never run with dairy on the stomach. Post-race? Hell yeah!

  5. Can I sign a petition for you? :) #WINNING!

  6. Ice cream, absolutely. But what about those frozen fruit juice pops in the plastic sleeves? Grab a few of those and take them down like frozen GU on the run. Yummmmmm

  7. Great idea! My friends and I ended our ride on Saturday at an ice cream stand and it rocked. Though, truth be told I didn't have ice cream. I had a hot dog.

  8. Haha - I think I tweeted the same thing to him! :) Awesome letter... I'd totally stop... multiple times!

  9. I've had many a long ride include an ice cream stop. Or donut stop. And definitely muffin stops. I support this only if they also add a beer station!

  10. You are a mess right now - so freaking awesome!

  11. There is only one flaw with this idea. Funding. If the WTC does take up this idea, IM's are going to cost $800 instead of $600. What are rules about stopping off at a DQ (or other ice cream shop) in the middle of the race. Allowed? Frowned upon? I may have to take my chances. Maybe even a 7-11 for a slurpee. They just had an article in Runners World how a cold beverage does wonders for lowering your core temperature.

  12. I did the Great Floridian and they have an aid station where you can order burgers. You do multiple loops so you order on one loop and pick it up on the next.

  13. Dude. I would never finish if there was an ice cream stop. I love freaking ice cream.

    10 days. 9 by the time you read this.


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