Monday, March 31, 2008

back @ it and month in review

I got back into it today. I thought I was going to take the day off, but instead I blew off class and just decided to get over my workout fears and just do it.

I swam 44 lengths in the pool in 45 mins. Whatever, it was super slow but my shoulder didnt hurt @ all besides just the usual from the swimming itself. Then I hit the dreadmill for a 5 min walk, 30 min run, 5 min walk. Didnt feel my right calf once nor did I feel my left knee. I am feeling more confident after my crash this past saturday.

Speaking of crash and the aftermath. My road rash is going away. My left wrist doesnt hurt anymore(in fact the pain disapeared overnight! wierd! but awesome!). What hurts the most is my left rib cage. I think what happened is as I was going down the seat had to of slammed into my chest. Its the only way it could have gotten hurt.

This post closes out the month of march. From what was recorded, I did 21 total workouts covering 24 hours and 39 mins. I did 131.125 miles between swimming, biking, and running, although there was prolly more, cuz I never record mileage from dreadmill workouts. I did my first race and had my first crash since the year 2000. I am feeling good for april and for some good improvement.

The days are getting longer and its time to start getting onto the bike after work again. Unfortunately its been rainy, and I hope this isnt a harbinger for the month of april, which could bring may flowers.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

took a tumble today

I went down today. Not hard, but I stil went down.....GGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

I hit tiny pothole, my wheel lost traction and I went down onto my right, fortunately into a bed of leaves on the side of the road. Once that initial numbness went away, fortunately I didnt feel anything that hurt that bad besides my right knee and my left wrist. I was only going around 10 Mph, slightly uphill.

My bike on the other hand, seemed fine until I got it back onto the road. Only the front tire is messed up. I had to completly loosen up the front brake and bend it to the side to allow the wobble of the wheel clear the brake.

Fortunately I went down around 3 miles from home, so I was able to limp the bike back. If the wheel was fine, I was considering just going for it and doing the entire ride. However, when I got back I felt my right shoulder ache. It, like my right knee has a little road rash.

So the front wheel is up @ the shop getting fixed and I am about to hit a bath filled with epsom salt.

Such a freaking stupid fall. I have been by that tiny little pothole a dozen times.

I am calling myself officially beat up. I have a lingering pain in my left knee, a really tight (possibly torn) right calf muscle, a bruise and rash just above my right knee, my right shoulder has the same thing, and my left wrist is a bit sore.

I am gonna try to get out tomorrow, but for like 20 miles or thereabouts.

Its too early in the season for all of this to happen. I gotta take it easy. I still have over a month before the next race.

Stupid pavement....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

tt bike...swim bike/run/bike

Starting with yesterday after work, I got up to SUNY Purchase and did some actual real riding on my TT bike. Mostly I just got used to being in that position and I also tweaked my handlebar position to make me more comfy and more aero. One thing I know I need to work on (besides riding in that position more) is working on my tricepts muscles. They get really sore after being in the position for around 10 mins.

As for tonight. Did 40 lengths in the pool, or a little over .5 miles. Then I did ~20 mins on the bike, 5 min walk, 30 min run, 5 min walk on the dreadmill, then finished off the night with another ~20 mins on the bike.

My freaking right calf wont loosen up. It tensed up during the race last weekend but still hasnt loosend up. Stretching gives temporary relief, but once I start running again, its like I did nothing to loosen it up. GARRRR!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

back in the pool and recovery

Got back into the pool tonight. Did only 36 lengths or half a mile. I took it slooooooow. Hopefully I will increase the time and speed more this week into next.

Also did 20 mins on the indoor bike, then I hit the dreadmill. My right calf is really tight, so I was only able to do a 5 min run, 5 min walk, 5 min run, 5 min walk. Tried to stretch it out afterwards but it was a no go. Sounds like I might need to break out some heat to loosen it up. Its TIGHT!

Monday, March 24, 2008

split time results have been posted

I did better than what watch result. Came in 66th overall (between males and females) with a time of 01:47:02. It is confirmed that I did a personal record of 26:57 on the first run, or an 8:42/mile pace. The biking is also confirmed where I shined. I did 42nd/104th with a time of 48:53 or 3:30/mile. I KNOW I can do better with that, just need to bike more, plus the aero position will decrease that time/mile even more. The 2nd run, however, was crap (but I didnt stop!)....that came out with a time of 31:11 or a little more than 10 mins/mile.

I can't wait for improvement over the next 5 weeks!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finished my first duathlon race!

Wow, I am so relieved and happy that I finished my first race. A duathlon. 3 mile run/14 mile bike/3 mile run. Did it in ~ 01:47:14. I am very proud of my time!

So here is how the morning broke down:
4:00 AM alarm goes off, hit snooze.
4:30 AM roll outa bed
5:00 AM finish a few bowls of cereal
5:15 AM out the door to drive down to Brooklyn
6:00 AM @ Prospect Park, Brooklyn
7:45 AM pre race meeting
8:00 AM WE RUN!
9:47 AM in a lot of pain, but done!

The first run I knew how it was gonna go. When the RD went "GO!" everybody booked it, and I got passed by nearly the entire pack of 140. Whatever, I didn't care! I went at my own race, cuz I knew if I didn't, I would basically be screwed for the rest of the race!

I didn't check out the course, so I had no idea how hilly it was. Yeah....gotta do more hills. BUT! I finished the run in 27:00 flat...a new personal record! 9 min mile isnt that bad...still gotta shave off 3.5 mins if I wanna be competitive....but that will come as time goes. Its a goal!

On the bike, transition went smoothly and I was off! I really made up some time on the bike. I was passing a lot of people. (I was ALSO being passed by people, but they were the guys who were out to win and looked like they have been doing this for awhile. No worries, its good to see what the top level guys are doing, cuz thats what I gotta do next.) Again, because I didn't check the course out, I didn't realize how not-flat it was. There is a pretty good sized hill @ the start of the lap. I was surprised at how well my body did up the hill. I think that that is a strong quality that I have that I can get into a gear and just go up a hill like that and not feel wasted @ the end.

So after 4 laps (14 miles) I was done and into the last transition. I *tried* to run through transition with the bike, but my butt and legs gave me the middle finger on that one. They also gave me another middle finger when I started running again. haha

So up the first hill on the run, I swore I coulda speed walked it faster. Fortunately when you go up, you gotta come back down. The downhill part saved me. I think ALL of the downhill parts saved me until finally I got into my groove and just went.

At the finished line, my competitive side finally kicked in when I heard someone trying to sprint past me to beat me to the line. That didn't happen. I hit the afterburners and went!

It was a good race and a great learning experience. I observed from the more seasoned folks little tricks that people would do with their number tag for the bike, for example. One guy used electrical tape and just taped a frame around it then taped it to the bike with the twisty ties they give you. I just used the twisty ties, which worked, but it was flapping around in the headwind along the last 3/4 portion of the bike. Others also used a race belt which they tagged their body number tag to it, instead of pinning it to your clothes (limits wierd stretching of your clothes).

The biggest thing that I need to work on is the running. I really need to bring some time off my mile pace. 9 mins is cool, but if I can shed 1 min off my time by the end of the season, that would be a really good thing. In today's case, 1 min per mile off is a full 6 min overall time difference. That would bring me down to a 01:41:14 finish time!

The other thing, which I just haven't had the opportunity to practice, is to get out onto my TT bike and get comfortable and to go faster. I prolly coula shed a couple mins off my time by being more aero. But really, more time on the bike will prolly shed even more time off. But again, thats a weather and length of day issue. Now that the days are getting longer, I can get out after work.

I am looking forward to my next race! I'm already signed up for another duathlon May 4th in Greenwich, CT. I have the option of doing another duathlon back in Prospect Part April 13th, but that is still up the air.

I have an opportunity right now to get a solid 5 weeks of training if I choose not to race until May 4th. We shall see.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

recovery bike/dreadmill

I first have to say that yesterday's workout made me feel like I hit a new benchmark in my training.

I also have to say that today my legs have never felt more sore :)

So I did a recovery indoor bike and dreadmill workout tonight followed by a good leg stretch. I feel better already. Did just ~20 mins on the bike and a 20 mins or so on the dreadmill, which was mostly walking with a 2, 2 min spurts of running.

I think tomorrow night I will hit the pool for about a half mile swim or so, then see how my legs are doing and see if I need to do another quick recovery session like tonight. Then take all of friday and thurs off for the race on saturday.

I feel ready!

Monday, March 17, 2008

a real run/bike/run

got outside today to do the race distance for next weekend. I really killed myself, but I did it and I know I can do the race with confidence. As for my times:

Run 1: 00:27:30
T1: 00:29:30
Bike: 01:23:20
T2: 01:25:00
Run2: 01:53:30 (I think....gotta get the final # from the HRM to verify)

As for the first run, it started up a slight hill, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel. Fortunately it then went down a screaming downhill which was great. Effortless running! From this point on I just went into machine mode and did the run, which felt normal. The run took me a surprisingly fast 27:30 (which I am VERY happy about!)

Then I got onto the bike. It took me 2 mins to transition from my running shoes to my biking shoes and helmet and get the bike outa the car. I think this will be faster during the race cuz I wont need to get the bike outa the car. Also, I am thinking of just biking in my running shoes, which will save me a LOT of time. I guess cuz the race is so short, a 2 min transition is too dang long. I have cages for the the bike already.

The bike was the easiest part of the workout. It was strange @ first because I felt like I was stuck in first or second gear. My legs just didnt want to get up into 4th or 5th gear. Eventually they did after that screaming downhill. The part that sucked the most about the biking was this slight uphill/long section with one of those stupid headwinds that isnt too severe, but just enough to slow you down and make you work harder than needed. After 5 laps I was happy to be done with that stupid section. Although I did have to run it.

The transition from bike to run was quicker. 00:01:40. Of course this will be quicker cuz I will just need to hang the bike up, and hopefully no switching shoes. Just take the helmet, sun glasses and gloves off (though I think i will take the gloves off during the run).

The last run was the hardest. My ass felt like a ton of bricks and the back of my legs were burning (and never did stop burning). I wasnt sure how long I was gonna go before walking until I hit that downhill again, which was a HUGE relief. That downhill basically saved me!

Kept running until I hit this small uphill. I almost made it to the top when my body just started walking. It was needed. I only walked for about 30 secs, but it was enough to let me go for awhile, maybe 10 mins. So then after 10 mins, I walked again for a bit. Then I said that is enough walking, and finished in about 01:53: and change. Gotta check out that final number.

I liked my finishing time. I know it will be faster (unless the race course is really hilly) because I wont have to get my bike into or out of a car. Also I am thinking of using cages on to the bike with running shoes. Finally, I did an extra mile on the bike, cuz 3 * 5 is 15, whereas the biking leg in the race is only 14 miles. So that should shave off another 3 mins. Maybe shoot for around a 01:45:00 or more during the race?

Friday, March 14, 2008

another run/bike/run

30 min run, 40 min bike, 15 min run. I was a bit dissapointed that I couldn't finish the last 15 mins of the run, its just that when your insides wanna explode outa ur body *hint hint* you just gotta stop. Nuff said.

Damnit! Stupid body!

Ah well. Weather is supposed to be nice next monday. So I am thinking of leaving early from work and getting up to the local college on their oh so what a perfect length 3 mile loop that surrounds the campus.

My hamstrings and calves have been a bit tight. I haven't ever done this much running ever, so my body is definately undergoing some stress! ...which is good :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So I ran 30 mins, biked 20 mins, then ran for 15 mins. I definately felt the last run, but felt astonishingly good throughout the entire workout.

I am getting into panic mode looking at how much time is left and how freaking busy I am going to be from now until the actual race. Something like this happened last summer when I was trying to get my mileage up for a 100 mile ride. Either I was too busy with family or the weather was crap, I felt like I just wasn't ready for the ride. When it came time for the ride, I did it no problem. Hopefully it will be the same thing again this time around. I might have to take off a day next week to actually get outside and run/bike/run a 3/14/3 mile workout just to say that I have done the race in distance, no speed.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ran outside!

Finally, it was nice enough (and I had time) to outdoors today. My theory of indoor vs outdoor running is true. Running on the dreadmill is too dang easy. The multiple elements of running outdoors makes the running itself much more challenging. Today was also a great test. It was 40 degrees out, somewhat windy (though I was excepting more) and sunny. I now know what I need to dress for for this type of weather. I started out with my long sleeve gloves and headband that also covers my ears; they were stripped off during the run.

My left knee is still bothering me, and hurts more if I run uphill. I am thinking ice.

I ran 3 miles, took 30 mins, 25 secs. Not bad for the first time outside with hills.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

biked and ran tonight

So after my long murderous ride on thursday, my body gave me the middle finger and told me to slow the F down, or else! except it just did the else regardless. My cold hit me hard thursday night and I stayed home from work friday with a runny nose, the chills, headache, just overall feeling like crap. Fortunately the kind folks on beginnerTriathlete just said to huddle down and rest. I did just that and fortunately my body has recovered (so far) in record time. So much so that I did an easy 20 min spin on the bike and then a 30 min run, 5 min warm down walk on the dreadmill.

That was the EASIEST run I have EVER done. I think I went at my normal speed an everything. I hope that my body has finally adjusted to running and I have hit a new level. Of couse this is on a windless temperature controlled enviornment that is flat as a pancake. I GOTTA get outside onto a course with some hills. Its sorta like biking down south. You can get into the best shape of your life on the flats, but as soon as you hit a hill, it all means nothing. Hills rule.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

went outside, killed myself

Yeah, actually I MURDERED myself today. I got to the point where I didn't realize that I was just coasting on most downhills and flats, only pedling to keep going, thats how much I killed myself today. I did 46 miles, which is nothing too crazy, except I totally underestimated this route. I have done most parts of it multiple times, except for a 3/4 loop around a resevoir. It was very hilly around the resevior. In fact, I just learned while entering my route into, that there is a "Display Elevation" feature that I have never noticed. It shows just how much elevation change I did. I would love to find out how much total elevation gain I did, which the web-site does not show, BUT, cause I am a nerd and can write computer programs, I can read in the data, parse it, and figure it out! Yay nerdom!

Here is the elevation map:

I know I am in pretty good biking shape and I can do some miles, but I am still not at that confident level yet where I can belt out 46 miles of a hilly route. I am looking forward to that happening soon. :)

Also, I am sick. It hurt to breath @ times today because my windpipe is feeling raw and inflamed. Also my nose is a freaking faucet. Maybe today wasn't the best day to go on a ride like this, but I need it, plus I took a vacation day to do this, so I need to make the most of it. I just need some sleep and plenty of tissue

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

swam this AM

swam 36 lengths or .5 miles this morning. I lost track of the time that it took me, but it was a good swim. I used bodyGlide so I didnt have any chafing, which was AWESOME. no burning pain in my armpits!

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice(low 50's and sunny), so I am taking the day off to get a looooong bike ride in.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ran tonight

talk about mental garbage tonight. I was blowing my nose all day today thinking I am getting sick. Who knows yet...

But, tonight I was like, I'm gonna workout, no im not, yes i am, no im not. HTFU!!!!! I love that phrase. Its my new favorite. I mean, 40 mins(with only 28 of them running) on the dreadmill outa a day that has 1,440 mins in it, i think i can spare a few and whip my ass into shape.

I looked at a schedule and caught the reality that there is not too much time left until the duathlon on march 22nd. I mean, i ONLY just started running 28 mins solid tonight. I need to do this twice, with a 14 mile bike ride in the middle, all at race pace. YIKES!

I basically have the next two weeks to go into boot camp mode and really get some work done so that I feel confident enough for that race. Sooo, i made up a schedule that I HAVE to follow. Including actually waking my ass up tomarrow AM to swim.

Nuff said, gotta follow the plan.

Monday, March 3, 2008

biked outside yesterday

I FINALLY got out yesterday. Same exact route as last month. The group was a bit faster this time which was a good thing. Overall, a bit cold, but a good ride.

I brought my TT bike with me to try after the ride was over. I gave it a quick spin as my legs were too shot from the group ride that I just couldn't give it enough gas. Ah well. The bike IS fast though...