Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today was a confidence builder!

Today's workouts were hard. Parts of them sucked, but once accomplished, I felt incredible!

Workout #1 was a lunch swim. It wasn't long, but it was very goal oriented. The goal was to swim this weekend's .6 mile swim (1050 yards) continuous at a race effort to get an approximate time.

We did:
500 WU
5 x 100 hold
100 easy
1050 TT
50 CD
2200 yards total

I held between 1:31 and 1:34 for the 5 x 100. Finally some numbers I like to see and haven't seen seriously since around New Orleans 4 weeks ago. Ouch! Glad to be back :)

The 1050 TT hurt from the start because I was wiped from the 5 x 100. But I held on and finished at the same intensity. Went 17:25 for a 1:40 pace. I hope to match this or beat it come Saturday. I still remember two years ago breaking 20 mins for an 800 TT was a HUGE accomplishment! haha!

So I was pumped coming out of the pool.

After work, it was time to ride. I brought out the S2 for the first time in probably two weeks. Oh man how I missed this bike! I did a 25 mile hilly route that I loooooved to do last season but for some reason never found the opportunity to actually do it this year. My S2 never let me down and I bunny hopped up the hills! It was great.

Finally, I'll leave you on a pure awesome note. Enjoy!

I think I found my next Halloween costume! :)


  1. Fer sure playing that for my kids when they wake up this morning!

    Congrats on the good swimming love the confidence builders! Good luck this weekend


  2. Great job with the workouts... that ride looks like great fun! :)

  3. good job on the swimming.

    i read ur posts, but most things i dont get. thats why my comments have been lacking. sorry!

  4. Oh God, I remember this. It is a classic!! Do you know Sesame street is as old as I am, actually that is not entirely true, I think I am two years older....The Muppet Show....I think I was a teenager.

    It is so nice to have a great workout!! what route is that elevation from? Mind sharing?

  5. Hi little bro,
    Nice job on your swim and your hilly bike ride! I love days that turn into big time confidence builders:)

    I loved the muppet show:) The video was so cute and left me smiling:) Have a good one Jon!

  6. Great swim and bike - so great to get those confidence builders in!

    Mahna Mahna do do do

    That is now stuck in my head, thank you. :)


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