Saturday, May 15, 2010

((Sprint + Olympic) / 2) = Sprimpic

Went up to the hills of Harriman State Park today to preview the HarryMan Olympic course.

I am really kinda embarrassed to say, "Oh yeah, I am doing an Olympic next Saturday. I'm a BAMF!" Unfortunately, it won't be that way: The distance is odd. 0.6 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 6.2 mile run. Ok, they got the run distance right, but a swim that is .3 miles short is going from a ~1584 yard swim to a ~1056 yard swim. Thats one third of the swim GONE! Its more of a sprint distance swim, really.

The swim.
Wish I could do a pano. Its a WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE beach. Looking forward to this swim!

Then the bike. They lopped off 5 miles! Thats 1/5 of the bike course GONE.

Ok, enough rambling and bitching.

I am NOT doing an Olympic distance next Saturday, I am doing a Spimpic distance next Saturday. Proven by the formula, ((Sprint + Olympic) / 2) = Sprimpic

The ride today kicked my butt. Ended up with 59.35 miles, and most of those were hills. The wind today really started to scare me. I was going 26MPH DOWN the biggest hill because I was so fearful of getting blown off of the bike. Going up it was not that bad! Last time I went up that sucker was two years ago and I was about 15-20 pounds heavier. Take that gravity! ;)

After this race next weekend, I am done with Harriman until they pave those roads and fix Tiorati Brook Rd. I love the park and its awesome hills, but the conditions of the roads (except for the nice part over by Lake Tiorati) is really doing a number on my body. My body as a human shock absorber just huuuuuuuuurts.

Now for some blogger fanfare!

KC @ 140 Point 6 Miles knocked out of the park an International Distance this morning and took home THIRD in her AG! Way to go KC! Looking forward to the race report!

Jeff @ Dangle the Carrot is about embark on his "Impulsive" Half Ironman tomorrow. This will be his first crack at this distance. Jeff, I have NO doubts you are gonna knock this one outa the park!

Mandy @ Cartunk Girl is doing the Sugarloaf Marathon tomorrow. Give her some love! She has been battling injury is gonna attempt this Marathon swinging hard. Go get it Mandy! You are gonna do great!

Matt @ Venerable Companions did a great 10K in Central Park this morning with a screaming time of 47:22 for a 7:38 pace. Nice job Matt!


  1. sprimic ..lmao!

    thanks for the love, wasting time in the hotel room now. Drove the bike course a few hours ago and it might be slow going - not the best of road conditions out there! Decided to pack an extra tube on the bike! At the least it should be interesting!!

  2. Ha ha...sprimic is great! I'm sorry the distances are cut, but it will still be a fun tri! And, that swim looks awesome! I think everyone would love to swim there too!

  3. Hi little bro,
    Nice work getting that almost 60 miler bike ride in! I am sorry that you are hurting a are a tough guy:) That beach looks great but if I knew that I would have to do an open swim in it....that would scare the crap out of me! You are going to do great next weekend:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend Jon!

  4. That is the hardest thing for me to adapt to- the road conditions! brUuUtaL! ...great ride you had. LOL@ the Tri"formula"

  5. sprimpic! Ha! Well, have fun with it anyway. Sounds like an awesome ride though!

    Thanks for the shout-out! Icing now, more info later! :)

  6. Now I get it, Sprimpic. when i read your email, I was like, what the hell is he talking about. ha!

    The wind was a bit crazy and scary on Saturday, no doubt. I was riding too. Can't wait to hear how this goes.

  7. They do that to some of the swims out here when a sprint and olympic are going on. Everyone swims the same and then loop the bike and run, sprinters do one loop and the rest 2.

  8. Hey there Human Shock Absorber. Did you see that they are repaving 3A in time for Mooseman?

    Did you also see the update to my race post that the winner broke the Central Park 10K record? 4:28 min/miles! The $20,000 bonus check had to be nice too.

  9. I been noticing more and more races changing their distances of "olympic distance" races and still calling them olympic distance. That's like changing a marathon to 25 miles but still calling it a marathon...I don't think so!!
    I cannot believe that dude ran the 10 miles in the 27 minute range...he is not human!
    You need to come up with an invention, some sort of a device, for putting sunscreen on in places you can't reach.

  10. Oops, and I forgot to say THANK YOU for the shout out on your blog. Much appreciated!


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