Monday, May 17, 2010

Big training weekend, prepping for a cold swim, and what a fast 10K will yield

I had a great weekend of training despite getting a nasty sunburn on my shoulder blades. I wish my fingers were two inches longer to slather the sunscreen on the very reaches of my shoulder blades! Not gonna show you a picture....its bad! For future races, gonna go with layer #2 of the spray on sunscreen just to make sure.

After the 59 hilly miler on Saturday, I headed down to Central Park and knocked out 10 miles. My legs felt not so great the first 2 miles, but then opened up and I felt great for the remaining 8. I am really happy with where my form is 3 weeks out from Mooseman.

I can do the endurance, but I am feeling flat regarding speed. Thankfully I have a fast race this weekend and plenty of time to get some speed workouts in on the bike and in the pool and recover in time for June 6th. I gotta find a 4 mile running race Memorial Day weekend! That 4 miler I did the week before New Orleans was just enough to keep my legs sharp.

This coming weekend is the HarryMan tri. The swim is usually cold and is hovering around 60 degrees. BUUURRRR!!! Since this will be a tuneup race, the "Nothing New On Race Day" law does not apply. So I am going to try out Desoto's Neoprene Swim cap.

Actually, I tested it out on the pool for 50 yards. Man it keeps your head buoyant! On the way back I dove down and my head snapped right back up to the surface! haha!

Finally, I wanna depart on some good news regarding running. The 10K course record in Central Park was broken this past Saturday by Ethiopia's Gebre Gebremariam with a screaming time of 27:42 for a 4:28 pace. He ran away with a check for $20,000. Not bad for 27 mins worth of work! At that rate, he could make $80,000,000 annually. ;)


Thanks to Matt Carlson @ Venerable Companions for giving me the heads up! Simply amazing!


  1. Ha, that is funny about the swim cap making your head snap up. I would like to know how it works out for you at the Sprilympic race you have coming up. Awesome training this weekend. Holy crap, Gebre is fast - I can't even imagine sub 5 minute miles.

  2. Actually he walked away with $27,500. I think this is the breakdown of the award.
    $7000 for first place,
    $500 for first NYRR member,
    $20,000 for breaking the record.

    nice pay day for sure.

  3. You know, I have had one of those neoprene caps sitting in my 'watching' section of My ebay for,hmmmmm, months? Tell me how you like it in the cold. One of my friends just was out at Brighton Beach on Sunday. He is an awesome swimmer, he said it was really cold.

    Just did my 2:20 run and felt great. Tomorrow off then taper, woo hoo! Good luck this weekend.

  4. J-
    Envious of your 10 miler in the park! love running in Central Park. Good luck this weekend..I was wondering how nth water would be for you doing a Tri so early in the season there! Nice Cap

  5. Trying to think of something snarkety to write about that neoprene cap. Perhaps you should have worn it to the triathlon training panel discussion.

  6. Hi little bro,
    Awesome job on your hilly 59 miler and 10 mile Central Park run:) It sounds like you are doing great building strength and stamina!! I hope that you have a great week Jon!

  7. omg a 4:28 pace over 10K is just amazing!

  8. Bummer about the sunburn. I have to use the spray stuff b/c there's no way I could reach my shoulder blades either.

    That swim cap looks awesome! I can't wait to hear how it works for you.

    Wow..that guy is super fast! I can't even imagine running like that...good for him!


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