Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An admission: I am doping on EPO CERA.

Why admit that I am juicing it hard on the blood booster EPO CERA? Well, there is no other way to explain today's ride of 67.84 miles done in 1:58:39 for a 34.2 mph speed average, all done after work. Don't believe me? I have proof! Actual physical data! Look below at the power profile!

How did I get onto the juice? Well, when I was in the ER getting treated for the dog bite, the nurse asked me what I was doing when I got bit. I said that I was out riding 56 miles. He responded with, "Oh, your muscles must be inflamed! Here, I can help you with that. Let me inject you with a vile of some `flax seed.`" He said "flax seed" with a wink and a nod and a "golly gee" arm swing.

Oooooohhhhhh, code word ;)

But really, either the PowerTap computer or hub is on the fritz. By the time I got 10 mins into the ride, it showed that I had already gone 8 miles. Uuuuuummmm, that didn't seem right. I stopped, hit some buttons to see if it would jigger it back to normal, but nothing would work. As long as the timer worked (which it did) then I could just map the ride out on to figure out distance and speed average.

Ended up with 30.75 miles done in 1:43:11 for a 17.8 MPH average. It was a good ride! Felt strong and comfy, even though the weather was again 47 degrees and misty. I am done with this cold and wet weather!


  1. ooooh, can I get some of your juice!

  2. You should save that screen shot and make it your wallpaper on the computer!

    Hope the PT is okay, that could be a costly repair. Sucks about the weather being cold, so odd. It is in the low 90's down here in SE TX right now. Disgusting, but still better than 47.

  3. Just found you through Julie's blog and look forward to following your journey and success!

  4. Man, I want some of that stuff! Ha! Hope you can get that computer fixed soon.

  5. Been chased by many dogs but never bitten. Glad you are on the mend.

    Your TdF speeds prove once again that you don't need aero wheels..LOL!

    Which by the way, i did read aloud to my husband who has been researching the aero wheels for a while. His conclusion sans testing them and your conclusion with actual testing, came out the same. He has said it all along, the dollar amt you spend per 1 second time savings is ridiculous. He also says aero wheels are a scam and has convinced me of that as well. My opinion of why so many people buy them is they are all about the looks. Yeah, they look cool but my bank account looks even cooler and i can still kick their ass on a bike with my shitty wheels!

  6. I would print that out and walk over to the pro field and start handing it out and say "see you at the finishline" Wooo, esp if Macca was there, cant stand him. I would have had fun with this.

    Lieto and Lance are having round 2, this time at 40k, you should show up and make the news.

  7. Hmmmmm, your 'flaxseed' is clearly different than mine....ha! Maybe mine has gone bad. This weather does suck, come on May!!!


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