Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Larabar, Ummmm....YUM!!!

So a fellow blogger, Lisa @ Early Morning Run did a great post on nutritional bars. One that she recommended was a Larabar. Never heard of it, but it caught my eye because of the lack of ingredients (which is good!). They have less than 8 ingredients, which means they don't have all of the additive crap. They are also gluten free in case you are gluten intolerant.
Well, I soon forgot about the Larabar. Until this morning!

My friend, Belden, and I went out for a 9 mile BAMF run and when we got back, he says, "I have a treat for you! A Larabar!"

"Small world!" I explaimed. He gave me a Cherry Pie flavor. Man oh man was that good! It was like a cherry fruit roll-up with some almonds and dates. That's it: 3 ingredients.

Not gonna use em while working out because the nuts are a bit hard on the stomach, but post workout or a snack during the day looks like a possible winner for this 200 calorie gem. They have a SLEW of flavors!


Heh....this reminds me of cycling in high school and our coach gave us Lunabars. We would always be disgusted because someone told us that it has estrogen in it. Blah blah blah, we are 16 year old boys being told this. OF COURSE we didn't eat them! haha!


  1. I love larabars, and I do the same as you, use them for snacks not training. But the are EXPENSIVE!! But with just 3 ingredients, you can just make them for cheaper and its real easy, just need a food processor.

  2. I have had a Luna Bar and hated it and probably would never have noticed the difference of the label LARA BAR...(someone needs to alert their marketing department!)

    Cant wait to try the Cherry Pie flavor Lara Bar!! sounds really really good

  3. I make them all the time. My son loves them. We usually roll them into balls instead of bars. He calls them 'rescovery' (recovery) balls.

    I have to say though. When I took them with me on my century, they were less than satisfying for some reason. I have been a bit off them since. They are great though in a pinch when you are hungry and out and about and don't want to eat crap.

    My fav is key lime pie.

  4. You introduced me to Chocolate Gu; I hit you with chocolate sport-shakes and now Larabars.

    Ball's in your corner, bud.

  5. i love larabars. I eat them to fuel before workouts or an afterworkout snack. they are so delicious. the key lime is my fave!!!!

  6. Luv luv larabars.
    I really have to try this -- DIY larabars

  7. my wife loves the larabars but she usually likes expensive things so that is not surprising ...lol. And I will eat them when my normal bars are gone. Gonna have to try those recipes.

  8. Let me know how the DIY larabars turn out!
    And here is spicy smashed sweets. I used 3 sweet potatoes instead of 2, and I boiled them in their skins instead of baking (its a little faster and they peel real easy)

  9. Lara Bars are so yummmmy! But, like others, I usually make my own. They are really good and A LOT cheaper than buying them!

  10. I will have to try these sometime:) Looks like they have some great flavors!

  11. My new shipment of Larabars showed up 15 minutes ago and I'm busily chewing my way through one now. I ordered Cherry Pie again, and took a chance on Chocolate Coconut Chew. This latter is about a 3-star compared to the 5-star cherry pie.


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