Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stamford Olympic course preview

Rode the technical and hilly parts of Stamford Olympic bike course 2X this morning. I have been up the hilly parts before, just not all put together. Its really not that much uphill, just a couple ups. I think Westchester has more vertical climb. The downhill though feels a lot more down than what it took to get up there. My legs felt really good. There is one hill, Erskine Road, that has the steepest hill. I was able to power up that on my TT bike like I would on my road bike, so my climbing is improving even better on the TT bike.

One thing that I have noticed is that I climb a lot better and easier while standing. I think this is not such a good thing....I need to really sit my butt down for some climbing now and use the standing for more explosiveness towards the top of the climbs. I know of a few climbs in Harriman that will fix that!

I ended up with ~35 miles in I wasn't trucking it except when I attacked on the hills and tried to go fast down them. This was a good sorta longer distance ride to ease back into the longer biking thing again.


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