Thursday, June 11, 2009

new 100 and 200 yard PR!

and I did it @ the same time. I was doing a 6 x 200 descending set and on my 3rd 200, which was a more or less all out effort, I had a perfect swim and put up a time of 3:10, or a 1:35/100 pace. So not only did I break my old 100 yard PR by half a second, but I did it twice in a row to also set a new 200 yard PR.

I remember a few weeks ago I couldn't get below 3:35 or 3:30 for a 200 yarder. I broke that by 20 seconds! WOAH! During that set I also put up a 3:15 and 3:14.

I felt a LOT better, obviously, than my last swim where I was toast after 1500 yards. I got in 2000 yards this time, but was also cooked by the end of it. Maybe Friday I will be ready to rock again?


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