Monday, June 29, 2009


I am SO sore today. I am paying the price for going fast yesterday. From my lower back on down, I am hurting! I haven't felt this sore since I did those kettle bell classes.

So I hopped into the pool tonight for the laziest 1200 yards ever. I did 5 x 100 on 3 mins. 4 x 50 kick on my back (25 kick, 25 swim). Then another 5 x 100 on 3 mins.

I feel better now actually. Swimming is great! I was averaging in the lmid-low 1:40's on the lazy 100's.

Easy short bike tomorrow to loosen up the legs further.

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  1. Its a small price to pay for a really fabulous performance. Enjoy the soreness- you deserve it!


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