Sunday, January 16, 2011

What happens when I eat some friggin food!


I called it quits to the cleanse Friday night. Mentally, I was ready to.....I don't know. I couldn't take it anymore! I finished the cleanse on three scrambled eggs, three thick slices of bacon, blackberries, and a clementine. All Paleo legal, btw! The bacon was NOT cleanse legal, but who cares! It was a GREAT dinner!

The cleanse was a success. I'll do a future post on lessons learned, but losing 7+ pounds in 10-12 days I think is a mission accomplished.

So Saturday AM I woke up @ the crack of stupid and was in the pool an hour away by 6:30 knocking out 100 after 100 after 100 with my coach. It was a great workout of 3150 yards. I ate, get this, a flour tortilla, with peanut butter and a banana as fuel for the swim. Both my first flour tortilla and banana in almost 2 weeks. Oh my god I felt like Popeye!

After the swim, it was 1:45:00 on the trainer followed by a 3 mile brick run. I ran it in 24:33 for an 8:11 pace. I haven't ran a sub-9 pace since before the cleanse. I felt awesome! Totally alive now that I had decent energy.

This morning was a bit tougher on the legs. I ran 10 miles in just under 90 mins. I was very sore from Saturday's efforts. I haven't felt this kind of soreness since the end of summer, so that means one thing: training is picking up and getting consistent. It feels good to be back riding and running 4x a week and swimming 3x a week.

I am very happy with my run volume, but I am still a bit concerned about my biking volume. I won't lie, I lost a lot of bike fitness over the past 4 months. Riding 80 miles on the trainer this past week was a lot harder than I felt it should have been. Either riding the computrainer IS harder, or my bike fitness just isn't there. I am going with the bike fitness is still a work in progress. Can't wait to get back outside though in a few months! On the mental side, riding outdoors for 90 mins goes by a LOT quicker than on the trainer.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. So cleanse is over? Now I can stop posting tempting pictures of donuts, pizza and what not on my blog??? :) haha

    Nice workouts!

    That bike fitness is going to come back super quick. You just an outdoor ride or two and you'll be flying.

  2. Congrats on a successful cleanse!

  3. Good to hear all things are back to normal - that weightloss was pretty darn impressive thought!

    Dude, I am so with you. The rides on the CT are freaking hard. That thing is just destroying me. i have felt like a newb on the bike this past two weeks because of the complete ass kicking that has been administered. I really cannot wait to take another FTP test to see what (if any) the gains are.

    Have you tried any of the Real 3D courses yet? I ordered Kona and haven't even taken it out of the box yet?

  4. Rides on the trainer are much harder. I think you probably have more fitness than you realize. And Kevin is right - once you get outside for a few rides your fitness will come back!

  5. wow, great job on the cleanse!! Congrats on it being over! I think your fitness is better than you think - ofcourse nothing is like riding outside...but CT from what I hear is super tough.

  6. I know I could have never held out that long. Well done.
    Yep..... I agree with everyone else. Trainer = harder.

  7. Glad to hear 'The Cleanse' is over buddy. That to me would have been harder than anytime on the trainer. I can't wait to hear your lessons learned on it.

    BTW - Thanks for your advice regarding nutrition. Did a 3 hour trainer ride today and practiced my nutrition. I just wrote a post about it.

  8. Cleanse, bleh ! Great training though. I'll just say I'm glad your back at regular food intake. Kick ass swim intervals !


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