Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5: Cleanse....a GAIN!

Went to the pool first thing this morning and put in 2500 yards. Easy logistical workout: 500 WU, 5 x 100 on 2:00, 5 x 300 on 6:00. The 100's were slow today, coming in between 1:32 and 1:34. The 300's were slow, holding just under a 1:40 pace. I felt SO flaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I had NO speed in me today! Frustrating too looking @ those times on the clock! The pool IS GONNA GET IT once I get some proper fuel into me!

Then it was 20 minutes of strength. Again, felt soooooo flaaaaaaat.

Then the AM weigh in: 147

a 2.2 pound gain in 24 hours? I remember thinking I wasn't drinking enough water yesterday because I was so thirsty and I wasn't peeing. Then I remembered what I drank yesterday and I think I exceeded the 100 oz goal. But I still wasn't peeing like crazy like the first 3 days. I think my diet yesterday had more salt in it (i added it to my salad dressings, veggies, the olives had it) and that made my body retain the water. Based upon what I ate yesterday, it was NOT a large amount of food.

I spread out my breakfast again. It worked and I really didn't need to eat that last orange, but I did anyways since I had to give a presentation in front of some corporate folks.

My mid morning snack was an apple and some unsalted peanut butter. Ever wonder why peanut butter is sooooo good? Yeah, the HUGE amount of salt added. This stuff tasted basically flat, but at least it was salt free. I really want to shed my body of yesterday's water bloating.

Lunch was yesterday's dinner leftovers. I bought a tiny salad just in case this wasn't enough food, but I had to force myself to finish everything. I never ate the salad.

I was like, oooookay. That wasn't much food.

Then I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day. 2nd day in a row....

@ Dinner, I could eat, but I wasn't starving. We had a salad with beats and an AMAZING balsamic vinaigrette with Dijon mustard, shallots and honey and grilled sirloin steak. Finally, some flavor!

So here is my theory as to what has happened this week so far:
- days 1-3 were my body revolting due to the lack of sugar/grains/refined food, hence the crazy blood sugar swings of up and down
- days 4-5 have been my body has adjusted, and I am no longer seeing blood sugar rises and falls as extreme now that my body is no longer dependant on the processed sugars, grains, etc. I am therefore much more steady
- I think my stomach has shrunk. I can't put down much food anymore

So tomorrow and Sunday will be the interesting days: long workouts. I have a 100 minute bike for tomorrow AM, followed by a quick run for a brick. Sunday is a 90 min run.

So I feel like I have been cheating with this diet. But I look at the type and amount of food that I am eating it isn't much! At least I don't think it is much.

SO this is what it is like to be paleo. (no grains, no dairy) Other than feeling flat during workouts, it is a totally doable diet/lifestyle. I have really had to think harder about eating different foods from my normal diet. Like eating salmon, shrimp, turkey, steak, and chicken all in one week with different vegetables and salads is new to me. Usually its one or two different meats a week, like chicken or beef.

I think if I ate a piece of chocolate right now that I would die of shock....haha!


  1. You weren't limited to just lean proteins? Lucky! The up and down is normal as you adjust, that initial water loss never lasts. I can't wait to eat some vegetables!!! Nice work, almost through week 1.

  2. your slow swim times are my fast swim times and that is after a 16oz T-Bone Steak ...haha

  3. 1:32 to 1:34 is slow??? :)

    I am beginning to think you and Kristin are in cahoots because the past few days your cleanse update posts have showed up back to back in my Google Reader.

  4. I will be starting a cleanse sometime next week. Just waiting to hear from Coach J on when I am starting and for how long!

  5. Im still in starvation mode..I had a crappy swim the other day! I had a Ironman set coach gave me...tough workout!

  6. I love unsalted PB, but it the only kind I ever eat, I get it fresh ground from the health food store.

    For more flavor in your salads try toasting some pine nuts before adding them to your salad, you'd be surprised how much flavor they add. Also, sunflower seeds in there are good. I'm guessing no dairy? So shaved Parmesan is out.

    Can you eat hummus? Another flavorful food especially if it has the kalamata olives in it. I'm guessing carrots are out, make your blood sugar spike?

  7. Hey wait, you can eat STEAK? That is my kind of cleanse!! I bet your stomach has shrunk.

    I wish my fast times were as good as your slow times.

    I might be a bad cleanser. I am doing a chocolate cleanse. I haven't eaten chocolate for 5 days and I am going to lose it pretty soon.

  8. Sounds like it's getting at least a little easier. And I'm with the others... I'd kill for your swim times (but then again, I know you've worked hard for them!)


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