Thursday, January 13, 2011

Days 9 -11:Cleanse....another drop, but NOT in energy!

Haven't updated in a bit, but I'll be brief:
Day 9: AM weigh-in: 143.8 (new low)

Another drop. I am down almost 7 pounds in 8 days. I am definitely noticing a body composition change in the mirror. My stomach is significantly flatter AND I have a TON more energy!

Last night I swam and felt like a normal human being with normal human being energy. Then this morning I did the same 5 miler with 10x 20 sec hill repeats as last Tuesday. Other than sore legs, energy was not an issue. I even finished the run 30 seconds faster this time.

I am starting to smell the end of this! This Saturday I have a big swim with my coach then I need to run 90 mins afterwards. Worried about fuel, I asked my coach and he responded with "eat a whole grain bagel with peanut butter."


It was the same as him telling me to eat a bowl of ice cream. WOW! I am getting worked up about eating a freaking bagel! haha!

I had a slight low from the fruit, but by lunch I really didn't need to eat. I ate anyways, but after a chicken breast, some steamed broccoli, and some olives, I was good! Those olives......MAN! I love olives....

This is how I came to love olives: I was in Provence, and someone offered me an olive, so I ate it. I thought it was the most vile thing ever known to man! I HATED it!!! Then a year or two later I was eating at a restaurant somewhere in VT (Simon Pearce?) and I suddenly was craving olives. I have been hooked ever since. Kalamata are my favorite.

Dinner was the same steak and salad with the amazing Dijon vinaigrette from last week. Probably the easiest day yet!

Day 10: AM Weigh-in: 143.6 (new low)

I thought I had eaten a ton of food yesterday. Guess not! I dropped a bit lower. Down almost 7 pounds! We got socked with another 12 inches of snow last night. No biggie, I was on the trainer anyways today. Just did 60 mins.
Day 11: AM Weigh-in: 142.6 (new low)

Woke up and ran 7 miles. WHAT a difference a week makes! I had some sore legs this morning, but energy was not much of an issue. My last two runs have felt human again!

Ate a yummy dinner, then hit the pool. After 1500 yards I had ZERO motivation to continue. Just wasn't happening tonight...

The cravings are really killing me right now. Today @ work a coworker was 5 feet away from me and I caught a whiff of his hot chocolate that he was drinking. I think I freaked him out a bit when I asked him if he was drinking hot chocolate. Yes, my nose is UBER sensitive for sweets right now!!!! I can't stop eating fruit, since that is the only allowed sweets.


  1. That is awesome Jon! Sounds like the cleanse is really working for you. Except the chocolate cravings!

  2. I have been eating clean, not a cleanse, but man it is expensive to eat heathly

  3. might have more energy, but the word on the street is you're cranky. ;)

  4. hahaha you freaked him out!!! would love to have seen your expression (drool) at a simple thing like hot chocolate

    all these new lows for weight at the beginning of your training plan. incredible. I already know my weight will bounce before I start 24 weeks but not worried Im sure It will come back down

    great work almoost two weeks


  5. wow --- you are going to look so skinny. i am jealous.

  6. This cleanse sounds great! I always wonder about those in relation to training, so it's great to see someone with good results.

  7. Great job on sticking with the cleanse. Not just a body weight drop and higher energy but certainly stronger mental ability as well which will help out tremendously.

  8. Okay, dude you weight as much as me. I don't know if I like that!

    The cravings are killing me with my cleanse right now but luckily today is the last day and I can go back to my clean diet! Now, I am looking foreard to that! I guess the cleanse had its desired results.

  9. Great to see your hard work is paying off! Eating healthy is real work, but really worth it! Cheers!


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