Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running in a snowstorm. Maybe not the best idea, but SO worth it!

I probably did something stupid this morning by running in a snowstorm, but thankfully I picked some roads with little car traffic (which was my biggest worry).

After doing 60 mins on the trainer I looked outdoors and there was just a dusting with nothing coming down. So I looked on the radar and saw this HUGE blue blob approaching my area. Whatever, maybe its virga?


5 mins later when I step outside, its coming down pretty hard. Well, I got myself out here, so I might as well stick it out.

I had to do a 56 min run this morning, with 10 min warmup, with 18 x 2:00 intervals, followed by a 10 min cool down. It was easy, 2:00 hard, 2:00 easy, rinse and repeat 9 times. I finally tinkered with the Garmin Training Center software and programed out the workout so that the watch just beeped at me a bunch of times when an interval was ending or beginning and then the watch told me what to do next.

It was really nice!

And running in the snow wasn't too bad either. Yeah, I thought my face was going to freeze off, but it was kinda peaceful at the same time and I felt way more accomplished after the run knowing that I just ran almost 7 miles in a snowstorm.

So my coach is kicking my butt. Things are really starting to ramp up. I am swimming 4 and riding 4 times this week, and running 5. Three bricks included. Mostly the bricks are for time management more than anything. This morning was a brick just to get the workout done and over with. I feel pretty good after two hours!

Last night's swim was long but we did it fast. 3100 yards in 55 mins, with some rest included. Coach made others lead so I drafted. Drafting is cheating! I felt like I was taking 10 strokes per 25 because I would glide and catch the guy in front of me. I hope he wasn't getting ticked at me for hitting his toes. Thanks for the draft!

Here is a good 3100 yard workout if you need one. Its a pyramid main set.

300 WU (100 free, 100 single arm, 100 free)
200 cruise
2 x 50 hard, 5 secs rest
400 cruise
4 x 50 hard, 5 secs rest
600 cruise
6 x 50 hard, 5 secs rest
400 cruise
4 x 50 hard, 5 secs rest
200 cruise
2 x 50 hard, 5 secs rest
100 CD


  1. Your set kinda looks like mine

    mine is
    wu 500
    set 5x50, 300, repeat 3 times
    cd 500

    Drafting in a pool, really, seriously!!!

  2. As much as I hate on snow, I actually think running in fresh, falling snow is kind of fun once in a while (key phrase-once in a while.) I'm totally doing this swim workout.

  3. I love running in the snow sometimes. It is just very peaceful and calm.

    Great job on the swim!

  4. I love running in a snowstorm!

    I am actually (somewhat) disappointed that we have not had a single good snow day yet.

    Drafting in the pool? That sounds like cheating. Sort of like having an underwater cable guiding your way through an open water course.... :-P

  5. You are crazy... 7 miles in a snowstorm?!? At least you're logging the miles though. Way to go!

  6. you

    not sure how you people run in that white stuff.

  7. i agree with EMZ. That is HARDCORE !

  8. Uh, yeah, 3100 in 55 minutes is fast! Great job and I like that set.

  9. I actually like running in the snow IF it's softly falling and not blowing with huge wind gusts!! If there's wind, I'll be on the treadmill...ha ha!
    I really need to figure out all the ins and outs of my garmin this season! The whole programming thing sounds awesome, but I just have never taken the time to do it!

  10. Run in snowstorm. Can't say I've ever done that. I HAVE run in a thunderstorm before, though. Does that count?

    Great workouts!

  11. I love running in the snow, but I have WAY less cars to worry about than you do!!

    Nice workouts!!!

  12. That is a workout similar to what I have been set up to do by my coach as well. They are fun and the longer swims almost seem easier because of all the huffing and puffing for the shorter faster sets.

    Keep up the great work jon....IMLP will be yours.

  13. Intervals in the snow!!! nicely done
    and your frickin on it with your training
    ur into it - great work

    I am slacker and now feel off
    must climb back in it


  14. Man, crazy run outside. I never do intervals in the snow. Me being a bigger guy (200+ lbs) I get injured VERY easily when my footing is not sound. Base building for me outdoors, easy breezy.

    As for the pool work. HOLY CRAP man. You are one heck of a swimmer now. Drafting or not, solid times for 3100.

    It's funny, seems everyone is on their A Game already and with our later year race, I keep telling myself I am not at the same point as everyone else. I am 2 months behind.

    Great work man!


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