Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 4: Cleanse. Another drop, but more energy

AM weigh in: 144.8

2 pound drop in 24 hours (down 5.4 pounds in 4 days)

I ran a slow 7 miles this morning in something like 1:04:xx. I was very worried that I would bonk at any moment. I had the energy, but definitely not the pep. I am really surprised that I was able to run that long on what felt like an empty tank. I was SO hungry the entire time! Running up hills pretty much sucked.

So because I crashed so quickly after my breakfast yesterday, I stretched it out this morning. It worked! I had the grapefruit, then went to work and ate the cherries, then waited a bit and had the orange then chugged a glass of water.

Felt pretty good after the AM snack, which was an apple and some almonds.

By the time I had my big salad @ 1:30-ish, I wasn't ravenous. Oh, and I have always loved Olives. But now I REALLY love olives! Why? Cuz they have FLAVOR! I have felt so flavor starved as well since Monday.

Hopefully Yesterday (day 3) was that hump to get over and my body is finally getting used to this diet. Has my body kicked the sugar/grain dependancy?

When I got home for dinner, I wasn't very hungry, other than for some giant green olives (so good!) and some kalamata olives. But I knew I had to get some extra food into me otherwise I might eat it (pun intended) tomorrow.

Tonight I had sauteed shrimp in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes. On the side was sauteed zucchini and baked asparagus.

Small portions. Wasn't very hungry!

So Jeff @ DangleTheCarrot did a review of Anti Monkey Butt Powder back in June. By that time I was mid season and my butt could take any ride/any distance/any time on the saddle. So I thought it was a neat review and stored it away into my subconscious.

Fast forward to NOW, and since I have been riding not much at all, and only on the trainer, my butt can't take sitting on the saddle for very long. Fortunately I had a little sample pack of chamois creme, but that was ok and there wasn't much of it. THEN I remembered Jeff's review! I could just run across the street to CVS and pick up a bottle. Before I left, my girlfriend told me, "Does that come in a yellow bottle? There is a bottle of that stuff that has been sitting there for almost two years under the bathroom sink."

Ooooooooohhhh, NOW I remember it. I thought it was a gag gift from Christmas two years ago! haha! So, thank you forgotten family member who got it for me. It will surely be used this winter!!!



  1. I honestly don't know how you're doing that cleanse! I would be going crazy!

    Ha ha..that's awesome that you had a bottle of Monkey Butt the whole time!

  2. Congrats on the cleanse - I think.

  3. Great job on the cleanse buddy! Those portions looks so small - like the appetizer (-:

    I used some AntiMonkey Butt on last weekends long ride! It is good stuff.

  4. When my coach (forced) me to cut refined grains and sugar in 2009 I felt like crap for a week or so and once I got used to it I was great. I bet by the end of this you won't even miss most things.. except maybe flavor :)

  5. I love AMB!!! Seriously I do, especially for trainer work

  6. Haha! I got AntiMonkey Butt as a Christmas gag gift one year! I haven't used it yet either. I'll have to try it on my next trainer ride. At this point I am willing to try anything.

  7. how does this "A.M.B." work ??? don't think said product is available in Malaysia...

  8. Great job on the cleanse!! I have used the Monkey Butt stuff I won it in Jeff's contest. Works well, but my butt doesn't get very monkeyish for some reason?? So I only use it on the really hot rides.

  9. yea what's w/ the monkey butt? I totaly don't understand. Let's hope I don't 'get it' this summer!

  10. Dude! Props on the cleanse, I tried something similar once and it sucked. I really missed cereal!

    Another name for monkey butt: swamp ass. I just learned this from my hubby recently. What else is there to talk about after 15 years?


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