Sunday, January 2, 2011

"THE Cleanse"

One thing that I have learned about my new coach is that he has ALL of his athletes do his "Cleanse" diet starting the first Monday or so in January to rid the body of "junk" accumulated over the holidays. When the opening line of this email is "Thank you for not deleting this email when seeing the subject line," I guess this shows that this "Cleanse" is a bit trying on the system, BUT! well worth it if you stick through it for the TWO WEEKS.

Sorry, I can't reveal the inner details of this cleanse, but I will mention that 100 oz of water need to be downed each day.

After analyzing the details of this plan, it is TOTALLY doable.....if I was a couch potato! haha!

What has me worried is doing workouts on less fuel. Well, since he is figuring out my workout plan, I have faith that all will be well with the energy factor.

Since this starts tomorrow, I guess I am going to go eat about 1 of these:


and 10 of these:

the 50 pound burger! (source)

Happy New Year!


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your training.

  2. Good luck with the cleanse, enjoy your binge today!

  3. I am starting a cleanse on Monday myself. I did one for a week a couple of months ago and it was difficult but doable. My energy level did suffer but I didn't have a lot of cardio on my plan so that helped.

    This time I am only doing a day but I just want to jumpstart the ole metabolism.

    Good luck and enjoy! It will make you mentally stronger!

  4. Great news on the unexpected bonus gluttony day!


  5. the 50lb burger made me vomit in my mouth - yuk!

    You already eat clean and probably take in 100oz of water anyways - this will be a walk in the park for you Jon!

  6. My cleanse starts tomorrow! I'll be blogging about the experience. I've been in semi-prep since yesterday but that doesn't take into account the huge amount of booze I drank Friday. Mine is going to be a real challenge, super low calorie and I have marathon training so I imagine I'll be very crabby. I'm doing full on cleanse Mon-Fri, with Wed-Fri being liquid only, then will phase out for about another 5 days so ultimately not 2 weeks, but close to it. We can commiserate during the experience :)

    Happy New Year! Once this snow melts let's bike!

  7. a 50 lb burger.....I just vurped up my b-fast. That is just not even remotely attractive to me.

    And you have as what Gorilla Monsoon would say....intestinal fortitude so you can do this.

    I go into my training with my coach blind based b/c I believe in what she is doing.

    With 100oz of water how about a catheter? Make it easy to not have to keep getting up.

  8. Good luck with the cleanse. After today's "diet" you're gonna need it!

  9. I need that burger. That's all I got, I NEED that BURGER!!!!!!

  10. I could NEVER do a cleanse. I need food. My heart goes out to you, Jon.

  11. Hahah... looking forward to following this! We also do a cleanse about once a year, OR before the start of a new training cycle. Just promise me you won't be one of the bros carrying around a milk gallon jug of water at the gym. ;) Good luck!

  12. Good luck with that! I'd Cleanse if I could eat all those little Debbie goods :)

  13. The only way I could eat that burger is if it was made by In and Out Burger.

  14. thats a lot of water. u r going to be peeing aLOT!.. good luck!

  15. Not that I doubt you, because I absolutely don't, but Good Luck!! I rely on my lower intestinal tract.


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