Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is 6 months a long time for you? Or is it just around the corner?

Who is it that said time is relative? Einstein?

Can we add an amendment to that? According to Triathlon?

The other day I popped onto the Ironman Lake Placid site and noticed on the countdown that it said 180 days left until race day. Crap! 6 months!

Yes, this is for all of you 201Ironman'ers going for Placid.

Wait a sec, 6 months is half a year. Thats TONS of time!..........right?

Well, I guess that depends on what is going on in 6 months. Are you training for a 5K? 10K? Half Marathon? Marathon? What about a Sprint? Olympic? Half Ironman? Ironman?

What about your current level of fitness? Does that have an impact on if 6 months is short or long?

For me, 6 months is a long time from now, but also not a long time. Its a long time because we got 1-3 inches of snow yesterday, another 2 this morning, with another 5-8 inches tonight. July 24th means the middle of summer, and right now, we are in the middle of winter. Different seasons, friends.

But its also not a long time. I think this has to do with the anticipation factor. You WANT to be in the best shape of your life come race day, but also I think you want to be in the best shape of your life right now so as to get that part over with. (Please don't do that, you can't hold that fitness for very long!)

I think this post is mostly reminding me of starting over from scratch. 3 weeks ago, I had barely ridden my bike in 4 months and lost a lot of super-confidence-bike-fitness. Now its rebuilding that fitness. My run base was there, but speed wasn't. Or so I thought my run base was there. I am relearning that that old base was cool, but it ain't gonna cut it for the type of endurance that I will need in 6 months. The swimming has been there, but again, knocking out 2.4 miles and still feeling fresh ain't happening for awhile.

So what about you? Are you freaking out yet? Or are you calm?

I am somewhere in the middle, mostly just wanting to get to race day to accomplish something HUGE!


  1. I am freaking out everyday, I have 8 months, I recently went on a 6 mile run, longest run (I call it RULK, mix of run/walk, others call it galloway) since my injury, and my legs were spent, then I was thinking, crap I feel like this after 6, I still have another 20.2 to go" OH!! AND!!! I have a half mary in less then 12 weeks too, STRESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  2. lol I am also somewhat freaking out. I have 9 months (doing IM Cozumel)and my run fitness shouldnt be an issue...and my bike fitness I can for sure make happen...but my swimming...oh man! I may not even MAKE it to the bike or run because I may drown! ok, I am being dramatic, but still!

  3. I'm calm so far. But training doesn't "officially" start until March 28th. I keep trying to remind myself that this is the offseason because I am really anxious to get going.

    The time is going to fly by.

  4. I have 10 months till IMAZ and I'm freaking out!! Coming off of the RNR marathon, I need to take some time off to rest my body. I KNOW I need to do that, but the little voice in the back of my mind keeps saying, you are training for an Ironman this year...get on the bike, get in the pool, get out and run! It's driving me crazy, and I'm doing everything in my power to keep that little voice at bay!

  5. um my race isn't until September and I'm freaking out a bit.

  6. I was doing fine and then got sick last week ... fast forward to today: I have done one run (6mi) in the last 6 days and am still sick. I am now freaking out. I feel like 2 months of base building was just flushed down the shitter. The Booster shot and Z-pack I got today should clear me up in a couple of days but I am concerned about the damage to my fitness.

  7. well I was doing okay until the past 8 day meltdown...what was calm confidence turned quickly to freaking uncertainty

    im thinkin once I get a week of training plan under my belt ill be okay?

  8. 16 weeks out felt like just around the corner for me (almost down to 11 now, eek!), but I'm only doing a half.

  9. May 22nd feels like it's gonna be here tomorrow - I'm on the freak out train, for sure!

  10. Holy crap, that freaks me out. In a good way!!!


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