Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interesting! My resting heart rate

So last night I slept with my heart rate monitor on and recorded it overnight. I am always curious what my resting heart rate is.

Its 43 bpm....of course this means very little, other than my heart beats 43 times a minute when I sleep. I should do this again in another 4 weeks and see if there is any change. What do they say? A lower resting heart rate is a measure of better fitness? So lower compared to what? Again, will have to remeasure in 4 weeks.

I honestly didn't sleep well last night, and it think it shows with all of the craziness going on, especially that last hour or so of sleep. Looks like I ran up a freaking mountain and came back down before I woke up. Of course, I must have woken up just before I crossed the finish, right? Dreams never let you win! haha!

We got pummeled with a ton more snow last night. We didn't get snow until Valentine's day one year. This week alone has been three mornings in a row of snow and delays. I am used to this snow up in New Hampshire where I grew up, but over the last 5 years of living outside of NYC, I have NEVER seen this much in these parts in one season.

Winter, its been great, but its time to leave now....


  1. yeah you are getting pounded with snow man. Good luck, carry a shovel with you :)

    So, yeah, the HR stuff. Personally I think it's bragging rights :) When I go to the doc they always start to panic and call everyone in. When I realize why they are flipping out, I tell them haha.

  2. I have often thought of sleeping with my HR monitor. I guess I willhave to give it a go!

    Sorry about all the snow. That really sucks!

  3. The snow you guys are getting is rediculous. Thank goodness for the CT huh?

    I've done my HR when I first wake up in the morning but have never thought to DL the data to garmin connect - I am a crazy sleeper so it might be funny to see the peaks and valleys. I am usually in the low to mid 40's as well.

    Feeling better this morning!!! Zpack must be working - going to hit the bike for an easy ride - I'll just stay the my FTP endurance zone!

  4. Crazy snow! I think shoveling counts as cross training if you need to squeeze in another workout.

    You have my interest piqued. I am now wearing my Garmin and hearrate monitor to see how fluctuates throughout the day. It looks like my resting rate is going to be in the 50's - not quit as low as you.

  5. I like that graph. I don't have a heart rate monitor but measure my HR some mornings when I wake up. Mine is usually about 42 - 45. The lowest I've measured is 38.

  6. Very interesting, I ahve nerdly though of doing this. You had some crazy dreams, you can tell when you fell asleep, when you woke up and fell back asleep.

    You so right on never crossing the finish line in a dream, its usually so crazy event like losing some valueable equipment or trouble just making it to the start line

  7. I believe this is also useful for determining if you are over trained. (supposedly rarely happens to AG athletes).
    Always good to have baseline information tho'.
    I try to do this yearly. I've had very little change over 4 years of training. I'm not sure you will see much change over 4 weeks, but maybe.
    43 is great BTW.
    (I've got to get my watch software working soon!)

  8. you know you're a triathlon nerd when...

  9. hahahah you are SO NERDY!! the only thing nerdier than sleeping with a HRM on is sex with one on...

  10. I need to do that with the HR myself. Always thought about it but now I have a reason to do it.

    Man you guys are getting killed up there with the snow. I can remember doing all of that shoveling. BTW how does my old house look? I used to be white with green shutters and a brown roof. Have the new owners kept it that way?

    Keep training and pushing Jon as you are going to rock IMLP.

    BTW - your tips on Jeff's swimming video were awesome. I used them yesterday and had a great swim workout. You have been invaluable with the tips lately and I truly appreciate them.

  11. Polar had the OwnOptimizer in their heart rate monitors. While lying down it recorded your resting heart rate and then had you stand for 3 minutes. It is a variation on a traditional orthostatic overtraining test. It took your resting heart rate, your ‘while standing up’ heart rate and your standing heart rate into account.

    It was supposed to tell if you were training hard enough or not hard enough. It always said I was not training hard enough even though I was seeing gains.

    Also, the significant other got creeped out when I was standing, completely still, next to the bed at 5 in the morning.

  12. March is the snowiest month?!!
    ugh we are not there YET

  13. My coach had me take my RHR every morning the first year of IM training to see how I was recovering. It was pretty interesting, I logged it daily.

    BTW, I'm on Day 2 of a Day 3 cleanse. I'm a glutton for punishment.


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