Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2: Cleanse....an unexpected suprise

Thank you everyone for your comments about yesterday's Day 1 Cleanse post. It really wasn't that bad at all, like most of you observed. I think I got myself all mentally worked up that I was going to starve myself. Not the case apparently! It was just getting through the morning where I was starving by noon and after that HUGE salad @ 1:30, I was good for the rest of the day.

In fact, it seems like I ate a LOT of food yesterday, which I think was the case.

And the result? This morning's weigh in:  
Surprise! Down 3.4 pounds in 24 hours. I was convinced I would have packed on a few just due to water and food intake. I officially hit the 30 pounds lost mark from January '08.

I have NO idea what that 3.4 pounds means, other than I am 3.4 pounds lighter this morning than yesterday morning. If I continue to lose 3.4 pounds each day, then I will make a big deal out of it. A Tri friend mentioned to me that single day weight loss of that magnitude is most likely water loss.

So this morning I ran 5 miles, with 10 x 20 second hill sprints included. The first couple were not that bad, then I felt as light as a feather during the middle sprints, then the last 4 or so had my lungs BURNING at the top. Overall, I felt flat, but I think that was more due to that strength workout from yesterday. My glutes are REALLY tight!

For breakfast, I had a grapefruit, handful of cherries, handful of black berries, and an orange. I LOVE cherries!

And do you know what today is? That last day of the mornings getting darker. For here on out, the mornings will only get lighter. Phew! This really helps me with running in the morning. The cold doesn't bother me, its the dark that really kills me. I HATE wearing headlamps!

For lunch it was Turkey breast with steamed green beans a salad with oil and vinegar with avocado, lettuce, chickpeas, cucumber, green pepper and cherry tomatoes. Avocado is getting tastier and tastier! This mostly held me over till 7, when I ate dinner. It didn't hold me over as well as yesterday's lunch salad.

Speaking of dinner:

Droid phone camera is WAY better!
On the plate is turkey breast, brussel sprouts, squash, spinach and onion. I had another 20 oz of water. I have been SO thirsty today! I think as of right now I am at 100 oz for the day. I'll prolly have another 20oz before tomorrow.

Tomorrow's weigh in should be interesting.


  1. Wow! 30lbs since 2008! Impressive!

    I tend to hover between 165-170, but really want to get down to 160 for my race weight. I'm sure I can do it if I cut out the pop. It'll be hard, but doable.

    I don't mind running with headlamp, it is the slippery roads that bug me the most. I am itching to do an interval workout, but it is downright dangerous with the roads here.

  2. Nice work! It's definitely water unless you've created a 3,500 calorie deficit, but when we've been eating a lot of inflammatory foods we tend to hold onto a lot more water than needed so it needs to be dumped. Eating less carbs also means storing less glycogen, which also leads to fluid loss. Theoretically you should gain it all right back, but if you stick to a healthy eating approach much of it will stay off. Bring on Day 3!

  3. From the other side of the world we noticed that its getting darker a little earlier at night and its staying darker for longer in the morning. Boo! We've hit the half way mark of summer.
    Well done on drinking so much H20!

  4. Not to burst your bubble, but it is probably mostly a water loss. Congrats on the 30 lb weight loss.

  5. Congrats on a 30 lb weight loss! That totally rocks!

  6. The 30 pounds is commendable. The 3.4 in one day - temporary.

  7. I am going to continue to watch with much anticipation. I could drop a few myself. Well done!

  8. Good job on the 30lbs lost, Jon.

    So, lots of folks whose blogs I read are doing a "cleanse" right now...I'm not sure I get it. Could you maybe post about why you're doing this and what health benefits you expect (other than potentially lost weight?)

  9. Nice work since 08' !!

    We must remember to budget for clothes this spring so we dont look so frumpy :)


  10. Good luck to you with the cleanse! I have considered something similar in the past but much more strict. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it. You are a rock nice job on your first few days:) Also congrats on the 30 pound weight loss! Funny thing, I lost about 35ish pounds when I was in my mid twenties:) See what a healthy life style can do for us!

  11. 3.4lbs wow - You must have great plumbing lol

  12. 146.8 lbs = Jeff is jealous.

    Nice work dude - next stop - waif model!

  13. 30 lbs that is awesome!! Oh, and I am totally coming over for dinner, YUM!

  14. That's awesome Jon! 30 pounds is amazing, although I'm still in shock at the 3.4 in 24 hours! :) Stick with it... you got this!


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