Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1: Cleanse.....EPIC day

Woke up this morning feeling not hungry at all and full of energy. Hey, this won't be so bad, right? Weighed myself: 150.2 pounds @ 5'7"

Did 20-30-ish minutes of strength, and it was time for breakfast. I consumed 20 oz of water already throughout the strength workout.

So far, it has been a GREAT citrus season!
After the grapefruit and orange, I was pretty full. I really wasn't feeling the apple, but I knew that I needed to get it down to starve off the inevitable of feeling starved, or at least postponing it later. I downed another 10 oz of water before leaving for work.

Q: What kind of fruit do you eat that won't spike your blood sugar to the top of Mount Everest? (bananas are off limits)

I eat eggs EVERY morning. The protein and fats in them keep the hunger demons away from me better than consuming all carbs for breakfast. Unfortunately fruit is the only thing on the menu for breakfast during this cleanse.

After my 10:30 meeting ended at 11:30, I was hungry. Another apple with some Almonds was my AM snack. This tided me over for about an hour.

Another meeting @ noon, which got out @ 1, just in time, which had me not only running for the bathroom (my 4th or 5th trip this morning) but also for the cafeteria downstairs where, fortunately, on Monday's and Wednesdays the salad station is there.

Today they were making the asian salad with ginger dressing. It consisted of:
  • iceberg lettuce
  • snowpeas
  • baby corn
  • carrots
  • grilled chicken
  • ginger dressing
  • i added half an avocado
Sorry, I wolfed the thing down before getting a photo and realizing I should have gotten a photo, so here it is post-carnage:

such a bad photo!
So last night I was watching the Nat Geo channel on lions and how they kill their pray. The way they ripped apart the flesh on a water buffalo is the same way I felt when biting into the grilled chicken. I haven't been craving bready carbs or sweets; I have been craving MEAT!!!

I felt like a normal person again after my vampiric rage on the chicken. Amazing how avocado can taste SO good!

This salad held me over for a LONG time! As in I finished the salad around 1:30, and didn't eat another apple and almonds until 6:30 to fuel for my evening swim. Q: Was it because of the amount of protein in it? There was about a chicken's breast worth in there. Fats came from the dressing and avocado.

Another part of this cleanse, is to down 100 oz of water EVERY day. How much is 100 oz of water?

A 6 pack of 16.9 oz of water comes to be 101.4 fl oz of water. Yesterday I did a "wet" run and tried to drink 100 oz of water. As a result, I had dreams last night that I was peeing for minutes on end. I seriously had water on the brain!

Drinking water while eating or on a full stomach is a lot easier than on an empty stomach when I am starving. With nothing to absorb that water, I get all sloshy. Drinking because I am not thirsty is also not fun and my stomach aches.

So my biggest worry was not having enough energy for tonight's swim. Got in and did 100 easy and my arms HURT already. It wasn't an energy issue, it was leftover soreness from this morning's quick strength routine. See, if you haven't done ANY strength in a long time, it doesn't take much to nuke the muscles that you never use.

We did 2400 yards tonight and it was a suffer fest the whole time. I just felt flat. We did do a fun drill. You need a partner for this. You swim while you pull your partner. He/She is gliding on stomach with a pull buoy holding onto your feet and trying to elevate them. Your partner is not trying to resist, just the holding onto your feet is enough resistance. It was actually a rest since it didn't work you cardiovasculary. After the drill when swimming resistance free, I felt SO HIGH in the water and fast. Its a good "contrast" drill.

Got home, had some left over turkey breast and some squash and spinach sauteed in onion.

It was quite a day! Gonna sleep well tonight.....


  1. Come on, you get to have dressing and things sauteed??? It won't be that bad. Once you adjust you'll be fine. I nearly died when I read your email about the cookies, absolutely hysterical :)

  2. "Gonna sleep well tonight....."

    Except for those half dozen times you get up to pee!

  3. In all honesty this cleanse doesn't seem so horrible. Sound like a lot of healthy choice eating which is a great thing.

    Thanks for the push on my blog. It helped out big time on the trainer tonight. I appreciate it a ton.

  4. I'm with Jeff... sounds like you are going to need to sleep near the toilet tonight! :)

  5. I'm with Jason, this Cleanse seems way more reasonable than all fruit cleanses that I've heard of. Hope it continues to go well for you.

  6. 100oz of water??? Better break out the plastic sheets!

  7. Yup, knew the diet wouldn't be bad... KNEW the water would be though.

    I was a wrestler, I can binge diet like no other haha, but putting water down with little food, its like a water slide man, right through your organs.

    LOVED the resistance drill in the pool, I am so doing it. Thanks for the tip.

    OH YEAH, you are flipping nuts for 2400m in the pool. Nice job man.

  8. Your cleanse does sound much better than the one that I have done. My cleanse has no food whatsoever. It is all liquids and I hit the bathroom every 15 mins. That part totally sucks!

    Keep up teh great work!

  9. Oh, this isn't that bad. I was thinking weird and ridiculous stuff or lack there of. This is just healthy eating! Doable, if you aren't me.

  10. this cleanse does not sound nearly as bad as most I have read about. heck you get to eat food!!

  11. That doesn't sound like a bad cleanse - I have read some that sound really hellish!! Keep it going man!


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