Monday, August 30, 2010

Post Triathlon -- Pre Marathon - WHATS UP?!?!?!

I have successfully made it a week of no structured S/B/R training. Do I miss it? This is the least amount of training and most amount of sitting on my butt I have done in 8 months. Post partem depression anyone?

NOPE! Not me!

Its been a good season, albeit a long season, but a GOOD season. I hit my #1 goal of the season, and that was to improve by a LOT at Timberman Round #2.

Mission Accomplished!

Am I going to miss the incredible bike and swim fitness that I currently have?


But will I miss the 56 mile hammering rides every weekend?

Yes and No. I won't miss the prefuel and 3 hours of pain, BUT! I will miss the finishing of the ride, seeing my time and wattage output and saying to myself, "Thats RIGHT!!!!"

So now it's time to mentally tell myself that it is OKAY to ride slower on the bike and to swim slower in the pool. In fact, my time trial bike is being put up until January and the road bike is coming back out. Time to rediscover what riding my bike is all about again.

So now what?

Well, my foot is kinda on the ugly side right now AND there is the NYC Marathon on November 7th. That is basically the next and final goal of 2010.

(now pretend my foot is all better, okay? thanks!)

But before then, there will be some organized runs/races leading up to it. I can still do the NYRR's 9+1 program (run and finish 9 races, and volunteer for one) and I will be automagically qualified for the 2011 NYC Marathon if I so choose to run that one as well.

On my plate (aka I am signed up and paid $$$ for) coming up are:
September 19th: 18 mile training run around Central Park (3 loops). It's fully supported with water/medical/food, etc. Boo ya!
October 2nd: Greta's Great Gallop Half Marathon. I will need to sneak in 6 extra miles that day, but perhaps it is time to break the 1:45 half marathon barrier?
October 31st: Poland Springs Marathon Kickoff 5 miler. Will be in serious taper mode for this "race" when it will be a one week out marathon inspiration-fest. I have a feeling the marathon is really going to "hit" me at this "race." Folks will be sweating marathon on this day!

Other goals that I have in the meantime involve the pool. I want to learn how to:
  • do flipturns
  • backstroke
  • dolphin kicking
None of the above will help me in a race directly, but indirectly, I hope they will give me more confidence in the water and will help give me some more core strength and positioning. Besides, my next swim in a competition won't be until next spring sometime. NO need to burn it up till then. I see learning these things as mini goals to pass the time and to keep my feel for the water and strength up. I HATE starting all over again in the pool, and swimming freestyle yards with no race directly ahead is BORING!

Hopefully this will keep me busy for the next 10 weeks!

Of course everything mentioned above (minus the pool goals) is dependant on what becomes of my current foot issue.

Speaking of which, I have been icing it and wrapping it and resting it as much as possible. Today was a BETTER day walking around!


  1. Dude: Great Tri Season you had!

    I did one flip turn today in my swim then reverted back to my old ways touch and go

  2. Sooo when does the offseason begin? hahaha .. lots of running my friend. I like your pool mini-goals, very smart to keep some swim fitness.

  3. Your fitness over the winter will are a beast!

  4. Doesn't look like you'll have much of a break...enjoy the rest while you can before the next training!

  5. Yeah for feeling better foot! Keep icing - and golf ball that sucker. Hurts so good!! :)

    Like your plan - sounds busy!! Mine is no where near as ambitious!!

  6. I hope the foot sorts itself out so that you can achieve all your goals. Running in New York City is on y bucket list.

  7. Congrats on a great season! I wish you luck in your upcoming races.

    My coach is going to teach me how to flip turn next week and I can't wait. That will be one goal off my list for this year!

  8. My friend who I went to the pool with last week is bound and determined to teach me flip turns. ha! I plan on doing some swimming lessons this winter. All strokes! I can swim, but I figure it will be nice to swim better in all strokes, plus, no pressure!

    btw, Michelle liked your kicking drills.

    Congrats on a great season! One month and counting. Can I make it to the end? I had better....

  9. ugh, I hope your PF isn't going to be an issue for certainly will be busy if it clears up!! : )

  10. Break 1:45? Puh-leaze. You can do that with one leg at this point.

    Learning flip turns and dolphin kicks is fun! I like that you're taking advantage of the off season to play around a little! I can't wait for mine!

  11. What break, I dont see where your taking a break.

    I love the idea of hanging up the TT for a couple months, I love my roadie, I bet you will get the same feeling

    I am thinking of teaching swimming lessons in the offseason, just an idea to toss at you, we need to get the next generation ready to smoke at the races.

  12. Smart idea taking time off the tri...don't wanna get burned out before the big one next year!!

    Those sound like great runs for the rest of the season...that's a cool 9+1 thing NY's got going.

    Enjoy the free time man!

  13. Congrats on an awesome tri-season!! I can't wait to see the results of the run season.

    I think the flip turns in the pool will help you the most. I started doing them to prevent me from "cheating" at the wall with an extra big breath. It really makes swimming laps seem much more fluid and continuous as well.

  14. A break huh? wowzers! :)

    What a season you've had and will continue to have! You are going into the winter strong!!!

  15. Um...wheres the break here?!!! LOL!! Sounds like you got a lot on your plate for the next 10 weeks!! Good luck!


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