Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quick update; and you are the BESTEST!

You all should take some credit for my race today. It's all of your wonderful comments and reading about your experiences that drives me to get up at the crack of stupid every morning to abuse my body into oblivion in either the pool, on the bike, or in a pair of smelly running shoes. Without all of you fellow AWESOME bloggers, 50% of my motivation just wouldn't be there.


Some of you stalked me today, thank you! I asked you to :)

So here is a quick recap of what went down today:
  • Peed my pants three times
  • Ate 11 Chocolate Gu's.
  • Blew a bunch of snot rockets on the bike.
  • UUUUuuuuuuuummmmm......
  • Am totally hyper and loopy and coked up on caffeine @ the moment from the 11 Chocolate Gu's ;)
  • And did a Half Ironman!

Went 5:08:20 total
Swim: 34:12
T1: 2:00
Bike: 2:41:40
T2: 2:45
Run: 1:47:43

That is a ~47 min improvement over last year's Timberman experience, my first Half Ironman, and a 24 min PR for the distance over my New Orleans time from April earlier this year.

It was 70 degrees and overcast the entire day with some downpours on the bike. Couldn't have asked for better racing conditions! I am serious, btw, I like racing in the rain. It keeps me cool = I go faster!

Full race report will be up soon.

Chrissie said "NO," but I did get a picture with her.....will have to find it in the lost & found most likely.

.....I never asked her. hehe


  1. Awesome, awesome job...congrats!!

  2. Way to go Jon! All 3 splits are incredible and a 47m improvement is just rediculous -- well done!

  3. Awesome! I did track you and was impressed! You killed it. So 11 chocolate Gu-s worked out well. good, bc I am going to eat about 6 of them myself!
    Congrats again! You are improving a ton!

  4. WOW, you did such a great job! I am so excited for you and glad that I could provide you a little bit of motivation to get you there!

    Now enjoy your accomplishment!

  5. makes it so easy to stalk people. You killed it today Jon,great job!

  6. Well, first off, I'm sorry that Chrissie said "No". Perhaps she was just that jealous of your time and wants to be a relationship where she knows that she won't have any competition. :)

    It looks like you had the perfect race - Congrats! Not that I surprised though - you really trained your ass off.

    Enjoy your rest!

  7. Nice work! I stalked you and Mandy throughout the day and you both moved along nicely.
    Dude, it doesn't matter if you would have asked Chrissie, 'cause she would have said no. She already told me yes...ok, that may or may not be a lie...anyway, huge congrats!

  8. CONGRATS!!!! u rocked it!! cant wait to read more!

  9. Congrats Jon! You totally kicked last years race in the ass! I bow down to you!
    Look forward to your detailed RR. Congrats!

  10. My blogger little bro is a super Half Ironman Stud! Way to go Jon! Looking forward to all of the exciting details:)

  11. Great race Jon! Your hard work really paid off today!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I can't wait to read the full recap!!

  13. Nice Job hombre! 47 minute improvement—and snot rockets taboot? Great race!

  14. 5:08! That is JUST AWESOME! Way to go--be proud of yourself. I see sub-5 in your near future.

  15. Nice work!!! Sub 5 is right around the corner.

    BTW how can I throw a bachlor party if your not engaged?!?!

  16. GREAT splits!!! Way to go man!

    Your times keep going down hahaha that scares me :)

  17. That is really good, well done! Awesome time!

  18. I stalked you!! You had an amazing race! Great job and hope today you are relaxing!!!

  19. As you know, I stalked you then texted you, cuz stalking just isn't enough! you did amazing, ride the high.

    I'm with you on the rain thing, love it.

  20. Holy cow! That's is one greta race. Congrats Jon you did really really well!


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