Friday, August 6, 2010

SUCCESS!....before the LAST big training weekend

I can't believe it but this is the last "throw the kitchen sink" at myself weekend. I can basically slaughter my legs as much as I want to this weekend because I will have 2 full weeks to recover. I am heading out for the third weekend in a row back up to the ADK, this time to Lake George for a ton of SBR. The plan is:

  • Swim 1.15 miles (this is the triangle swim course in the cove on the lake)
  • Bike 48 miles
  • Run 6.2
  • aka.....funky distance triathlon done @ HIM Intensity
  • Swim 1.15 miles
  • Run 6.2
  • crawl underneath a rock
The point of Saturday is to do a test run of my HIM Pace across a swim bike and run, all done at shorter distances, but enough to make me hurt. Then the next two weeks will be drawing it down, but keeping the intensity up.

But before this happens, I need to tell about some success yesterday. Due to scheduling reasons, and the fact that my brain is runtarded, I went running midday.....87 degrees, 66% humidity @ 12:30PM. According to the heat index chart, it felt like 95 degrees, and it SUCKED!


I carried a bottle of water with me and that helped, but just thinking and dwelling on the heat made it worse. So I learned that if I could get my mind to wander, that I would speed up a bit. Also, when the sun would hide behind a cloud, I felt stronger, but then when the sun came back out, it was like someone turned a heat lamp directly on me and I slowed. I held a 9:00 min pace exactly over 6 miles and it felt like a tempo run. It was brutal....

Then it was to the pool for successful swim #2 of the week. I did:
500 WU
2 x (4 x 25 EZ, 50 HARD)
2 x 100
6 x 200 (descending 1-3, 4-6)
3 x 100 CD, breathing to opposite side or bilateral
2500 total

This was a great solid swim and I am back to a 1:30 pace on the 200's. Confidence booster! Panic mode has calmed way down and I hope to get in 2 OWS this weekend, wetsuit free.

Won't have the interwebs this weekend, so have a good one and I will catch up with ya on Monday! Happy training!


  1. Sounds like an EPIC weekend. Hit it hard and recover!

  2. I like that distance, i dont know why, maybe its the run.

    I really think we are reaching that point of the season where we are feeling the grind from all the training, we are starting to wear out from a long and rewarding season. Its not about phyical ability and endurance now, we all are in shape, its about digging in and staying mentally tough.

  3. I hope you have great training this weekend!

  4. hope the weather pans out for a nice training weekend!! I'm sure you'll rock it :)

  5. You seriously astound me!! Good luck this weekend and celebrate taper come Sunday!!! :)

  6. Have fun with the training...don't die in the heat!!

  7. Good luck to you little bro! Enjoy your training this weekend but take a little time for something fun to do too! Something other than know what I mean:) Happy Friday!

  8. Good luck with your workouts! It sounds like it is going to be a busy weekend.

    Also, I saw your comment on Krista's blog. I don't have any idea what hill you are talking about, but my vote is to go up it! Never skip an opportunity for a good climb. :)

  9. Good luck! that workout sounds super intense!

  10. Makes my 5k tomorrow and my Sunday run to start my new WEEK seem pretty....WEAK.

    Enjoy your workouts. You are definitely throwing a lot at your body.

    I like it.

    It builds character!!

  11. Hey Jon...hope you have a great weekend of training. I wanted to swing by and say hi, saw your blog in the Distance Dreamers group. I put in for the NYC marathon lotto this year but didn't make it in, so I'm running the Rochester Marathon in September. Look forward to following your training!


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