Sunday, August 29, 2010

I can run, BUT! I can't walk? Brace yourselves folks....

As of right now, I am still calling it a "let's wait a week" Injury. Yep, the "I" word.


So in my last post I mentioned that whatever hurts immediately following your race usually disappears quickly and that whatever new hurts a day or two after is what lingers and that that is the REAL soreness. Mine was my calves, which are good now. But what showed up 4 days later was the bottom of my left foot starting to hurt.

Crap! The dreaded PF?!?!?!?: Plantar Fasciitis? I have had a bout once early early this year, but it went away after two days. Done and out.

Well this time it just moved to the outside left of my left foot.

AND STAYED....the bottom of the arch of my foot is fine now, as is the heal.

It doesnt hurt when I press, push, twist that part of my foot with my hands; it only hurts when I put weight on it while walking or standing.

Now get this!!!

I can run on it FINE. I ran 5 miles on it this morning and felt barely anything. But yet I am grimacing my teeth while walking.


Sooooo, are any of you fellow bloggers/readers a foot expert in any form that has had experience or has knowledge of what part of the foot that is and why it hurts?
Circled in RED is the area of pain while walking

In the mean time, ICE will be my new best friend!


  1. I am not an expert in anything – especially not medical, but I would say overuse. It might not have started in your foot but that is how it has manifested itself. If your calves were hurting you could have over compensated and tweaked your foot. I once had a really tight hamstring that forced me to change my gait and stride while on the run. I altered so much that it aggravated my Achilles tendon.

    I would say lay off for a little while – even if it does not hurt to run. I always say, “Three days can save you three weeks. Three weeks can save you three months.”

  2. I'm not an expert, nor do I have experience with foot pain. Go see a doctor next week if this lingers, one x-ray can save you lots of wondering. UGH! *fingers crossed* that this is one of those crazy things that clears itself up in a few days!

  3. Hey! Running way behind on my reading. Congrats on your Timberman race. I would have commented on the race report but wasn't sure you'd still be checking for new comments!

    Great race report also. Gotta go read Caratunk Girl's report to see how she did.

    Again, great job. Take your time and be careful recovering. Don't risk injury so close after a great event! I'll check back later.


  4. Rest and ice that sucker. Go swim or lift weights if you need to workout!

  5. Dude, that sucks. Whenever I was injured or thought to have been injured, ice cream always helped. Maybe you should try that!

    Above all, keep a positive attitude!

  6. Sounds like a ligament strain. usually runners or dancers get alot of strains in this area. The best thing to do is rest and take some Advil or Motrin. If it isn't better in a few weeks see your Practitioner!

  7. Well that just sucks! I am sorry Jon...keep taking care of it. At least you can run:) Keep smiling and hopefully it will start to feel better soon!

  8. Try rolling it on a golf ball, if that makes you cry, ice that baby and don't run on it. I had what sounds like the same sort of thing after Sugarloaf Marathon. RICE (Ride, Ice, compress? (not sure about that one, but it made mine feel better), and elevate) And swim your tushie off. Your marathon will be OK. Mine was gone 2wks after the race. You have another week to go.

    Or, get someone who knows what they are talking about to look at it.

  9. Be very careful with it! I would say probably some sort of tendon/ligament if it's not hurting when running. But location might suggest metatarsal stress fracture too. Don't shoot the messenger!

  10. Ugh..I'm so sorry! I agree with the others, rest it and give it time to heal before you run on it again. And, if it doesn't get better, I would definitely go see your doctor! I hope you feels better soon!

  11. I am having the sort-of-same thing right now for the past week in the same area. It also seemed to hurt more barefoot then when I was wearing sneakers.
    My research on my foot issue suggests that it is general fascia inflammation (mine from overuse-I ran a 20 miler after 4 weeks of little running)
    I froze a water bottle and roll my foot over that for 15 mins or so post run or whenever it is bothering me-kind of like an ice massage to the area that hurts, ibuprofen and I took a couple days off running at first. Got in a couple runs with the same thing-ok while running but pain after with walking.
    It has been improving greatly since I started rolling the foot on the frozen water bottle.
    Hope this info is of use to you.
    Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  12. Damn! I hope it gets better real soon!

  13. Ice. Take it easy man.

    Too much racing for you?

    Sounds like you are gonna be in the pool quite a bit for a week or two.

  14. Give it a few days rest and then see. I hope it sorts itself out soon otherwise you’ll have to go see someone about this. Good luck!

  15. Hi Jon,
    I am going to answer your question about my longest run. I ran 20 last weekend but it was in two runs. I ran 15 in the morning and then 5 in the evening. I was so tired after the 15! I have not had any more GI issues but my system is still so sensative! It sucks! I am running super slow and my weekly miles are low. I have still not been cleared to do my marathon...not really sure if I will be able to do it. My energy level is not where it needs to be...not even close.

    Take care little bro:)

  16. wow that sucks. Odd that you can run but not walk. Make sure to take it easy, don't make it worse.

  17. Hopefully it heals up soon! Plenty of ice and rest should be just the trick you need.


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