Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking a Well Needed Rest

There is a reason why I stop tri season at the end of August. Every pool around here shuts down for two weeks until after Labor Day. I learned this the hard way two years ago and lost a lot of swim form leading up to my last tri of that season. Major bummer!

But this is a good thing now. My body is tired. I don't "have" to swim anymore. I "want" to, but in reality, I "can't" unless I want to jump into Long Island Sound (yuck!).

And then there is something that I kept to myself the last 2-3 weeks:
My body was REALLY tired. I wasn't recovering like I used to! Early this season I could just go and go and go and go and recover fully within 24-48 hours. After Rhode Island and then a big training weekend in Lake Placid in July, my recovery time started to change for the worse. A Wednesday morning hammerfest on the bike took me until Saturday to recover from. Eventually I was hitting the point where I wasn't recovered from the previous weekend until the next weekend! 7 days to recover fully? OUCH!

And that right there meant that my body had one last race in it. Eventually the large base that you build up runs out. My base was enormous from all of the easy, huge volume work that I did back in January-March and it held out until now. I think what I did was perfect for this season. It shows that the larger the base, the bigger you can go.....but eventually it will wear out, which is a good thing! You can't go forever! You need to stop and heal your body in the offseason.

Have you ever heard of accumulated base? It's not just one base building block that gives your body that huge engine. It is those YEARS of base building and speed work that once you take a break, and let all of that stress marinade and sink into the deep core of your body, that that is where your true speed and power comes from.

This off season, I am going to get out of shape, and it is going to be frustrating. But come next winter when I hit my first short running race, I know that my running form will still be crap, but yet I will prolly PR that sucker because this season will have fully sunk into my muscles. And then imagine how much bigger you will be able to go next year? And the year after that?

Stay consistent my friends!

Mentally, I am still sharp and am ready to tackle the NYC Marathon on November 7th. However, my body is wondering if this is still possible. I woke up this morning and I think my body finally turned the corner. I was up all night going through the "evacuation" stage of recovery. This means that my body has realized, "Hey, I don't need all of this fluid for survival!" FLUSH!

And now my legs are still sore, but not as sore as yesterday. I could hardly walk yesterday! I kept sending messages over to Mandy @ Caratunk Girl (she just rocked her first HIM @ Timberman) on facebook exclaiming that amputation was the only remedy!

What a difference a night makes! Last night I went to Outback, had a big ole steak and a glass of wine. This morning, I am starting to see the light. Perhaps a short run is in order tomorrow?


  1. I've been there as well. This is the first year after 4 years of doing triathlons I'm finally seeing the benefits of my training!!! Im going to be sore in a few weeks as But remember it is a good sore and rest. A light run or spinning on the bike is perfect for recovery!!!

  2. You deserve all the rest and recovery you can get! I hope you enjoy every minute!

  3. Steak and wine and recovery - you are living large!

  4. You deserve it! I'm learning the hard way that pools close right now. Should make the olympic I wanted to rock in 3 weeks very interesting...that and spending 3 weeks traveling away from my bike. At least the run will go okay? I'm definitely feeling ready for at least somewhat of an off season.

  5. Good plan Jon ... mentally you need a break too. I am finding after long weeks of training my brain is at times mush! Take it easy and enjoy the reduced volume and make sure to describe every steak and burger you eat so I can live vicariously through you!

  6. Definitely do an easy spin or an easy JOG to flush your legs man. I always get a post race massage (from a spa) an hour long. Definitely part of our recovery plan and to be honest it works out the crap in your muscles.

    I have noticed too my recovery time has increased this season. I have never gone this consistent this long in my life. I always have 2 or 3 week hiccups that I allow myself to screw off and get out of shape just like you said.

    Keep up some sort of movement though for your legs. Need to flush them out. I always do that with easy swims.

  7. YAY rest!

    I'm happy to know YOU actually do that! :)

  8. You have had an amazing season! You should have all the rest you want. It's funny how your body just wears out at some point, what's important is knowing when and taking care of it. BTW, your last post on the race report is great and wow you did so well! Congrats!

  9. Enjoy a little r&r

    I am sorta working on my off season plans, mine is going to be all about power I think

  10. You definitely deserve the rest and recovery! You had a huge season! Enjoy the time off!

  11. you earned the R&R this season.

  12. You better freaking rest...don't you make me come to NY!!!


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