Thursday, February 18, 2010

What did you learn today?

*Cue 5 year old inner self* I learned that I can blow snot rockets outa my nose a lot easier than I can drink out of my Speedfil straw while pedaling on the bike in the aero position. Top that one!!!

Seriously, I learned that riding indoors on the trainer only does so much and that riding outdoors, even for 17 miles, does a lot more on your legs than riding inside. I actually got outdoors today on the bike for the first time in about a month. The temp hit 40, and that meant OUTSIDE.

Nothing replaces riding outdoors! (other than riding outdoors in Provence....its a different kind of riding outdoors)

You could tell it was going to be warmer today. This morning for my 6 mile run I was out in 32 degree, dare I say, warmth? and the birds were chirping. You know, that "its almost spring" birds chirping song. I learned that running up hills has gotten a TON easier lately. I guess running up hills more helps with running up hills? Duh!

And finally, I learned, or rather relearned, that a frozen chocolate covered banana just tastes AWESOME!!!

Soooooo, what did you learn today?


  1. Where did you get that question?

  2. I agree. The trainer is no replacement for riding outside.

    I got to the first hill on my ride and thought, "Haven't seen one of you in a while. This should be interesting." It gave me a renewed love for cycling though. Spinning on the trainer was getting depressingly boring and it was majorly refreshing to get outside.

  3. I'm still trying to master snot rockets....they're so gross, but so necessary on a long bike ride!

    Today I learned that I love yoga. I love the movements, the strength that it takes to do it, and the complete relaxation I feel when I'm doing it.

  4. I learned that snot rockets on a trainer will get ya in trouble!

  5. I learned that I cannot resist the draw of an Entenman's chocolate covered donut that my husband so 'thoughtfully' bought a box of and then left town!

    I ran ran hills today too and was thinking how it wasn't that bad. I guess training works :P

  6. Ok, so pretty much everyone else has been outside, and we have more snow coming our way...i'm soo moving out of the midwest!

  7. Hi little bro,
    The chocolate covered banana looks pretty darn good!! Why is it that I always see pictures of food with you?? It is good because you always give me good dinner ideas:)

    Snot rockets are gross!! You are such a guy:)

    I hope that you have an excellent weekend Jon!!


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