Monday, February 8, 2010

Snapping outa the funk: Thoughts on a "rest" week

I am not going through a "bad" funk, just the funk of finishing an easier week. First you have to get used to going from 11+ hours of workouts down to less than 7 (and going easy(er) ), then re-adjust to ramping it back up to 10 hours.

Now here are my thoughts on a "rest" week. It was by no means a stop everything week and sit on the couch doing nothing, I was still active. I just had to force myself to go shorter and easier. Well, I have been going easy all along, so mostly it was just working out shorter and less frequent.

First the mental head games started. "You slacker! You are losing all that you have built up over the last 3 weeks!" or "Come on! Your legs don't hurt, you can go hard!"

So it was a lot of telling the brain to SHUT UP! and keep reminding yourself that you have just pummeled yourself (including a huge half marathon PR) over the last 3 weeks and that you really need to take it easy for a few days, even if it feels like you don't need it.

One thing that I realized was that I felt like I could have put in another half marathon PR yesterday. I had NO idea that I was sorta kinda tapering over the last week and feeling fuller and fuller with energy by week's end, not including fresh legs. Sooooooo, I might use this past week again for New Orleans in April and see if I eat my words. I always have trouble with tapers and I never go into a race feeling 100%.

And another thing that I am GLAD that I did was the video taping and drill work in the pool. It paid off BIG time today. I set a new 300 PR for a 4:51 or a 1:37 pace after I did a 5:00, 4:55, 4:56. Not sure if its the improved form or from being rested. The next few workouts will determine that once I get some more times put up.

Moving forward, these next 3 weeks are gonna be punishing, including 3 10+ mile runs including a 15.5 mile race at the end of February.

Think of good slogans to go onto my gravestone for me, because if I am still alive after this, it will be a miracle! ;)


  1. Hi Jon,
    I have had those mental conversations with myself too!! Good job on the taper and I am sure you will race like a rock star your next race:) Don't be silly, you will totally survive your next few workouts...your a tough guy and you can handle it!!

  2. I also struggle with the "easier" weeks. In my mind I know I need them, but my mind also tells me to go go go!

  3. I dreaded my last week's training after a rest week and then that indoor tri (while I was still feeling really sore).

    To answer your question: If the temp is 32˚F and up (no rain or snow), I am outside riding.

  4. I always feel that if I'm not going 100% then I'm slacking - but you are so right that we need the rest.

    Great times on the 500's! excellent to maintain that pace over 4 reps.


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