Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cold and rest and crossing over

The cold has returned! I guess I got lucky to have a balmy 37 degrees for the half marathon the other weekend because now 19 degrees is setting the new standard for warm. Needless to say that with a rest week this week, this morning's "easy" 3 mile run was more of a mental workout than a physical one.

Since I am taking it easy this week, that means in the pool my super swimmer coworker and I are focusing on drills. Unfortunately I have developed a nasty bad habit this winter of crossing my right arm over upon entry and extension. Doh! So now its time to correct that. Its amazing how where you think your arm is entering is really not where it is entering. By then end of the swim, I was "thinking" that my arms were entering perpendicular to my body, when in fact they were entering in straight. We might be breaking out the video camera on friday for some above water filming.


  1. We had just one day of ummm, i guess you can call warmth, abaove freezing, now its cold again, and oh... and snowing, and it figures that stupid groundhog showed his shadow. ok I am leaving before I spend the next 3 hours moaning about the cold

  2. I know, isn't this cold too much already? I am supposed to ride outdoors today! Grrrrrr

    Staten Island Chuck vs. Punxsutawney Phil; they had differing opinions....who to believe?!

    I guess with Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam and Canada's Wiarton Willie agreeing with Phil, we are in for 6 more weeks of winter.....Sorry Chuck!

    It is sad that I know this..

  3. High today is suppose to be 41 in Memphis, and that is cold to us! We had a forecast of snow last week and they closed schools down just on a forecast, so I know I would never survive in a colder area!

  4. Hi little bro,
    It is cold here too..and it is snowing...and the roads suck!! Hey, at least you are a good swimmer! I dog paddle, ha ha:) I just jealous of you and anyone who can swim well! Thanks for your thoughts on the moving thing...I appreciate it:)

  5. I hate drills, but they do keep you from developing bad habits. I quit rolling over to breathe and didn't even notice until my coach came to the pool with me last week. Oops...


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