Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does making snowmen count as cross training?

We finally got a signifigant snowfall! And the snow was wet enough to be some perfect snowman snow.

(I was just the muscle, Kelly did the sculpting)

After rolling 4 huge snow boulders, I was exhausted and HUNGRY! I don't usually do this kind of exercise :)

(makes me wish I was in Central Park right now!)

(Looks like I will be on the dreamill for 45 mins tomorrow AM)

Since work was called off, I had tons of time to get my trainer session in followed by some good stretching and foam rolling. Over the past week I have seen an improvement in my biking by being able to push about 10 more watts with ease. I guess the past 4-5 weeks of consistent biking is starting to finally pay off.


  1. great pix! thats a lot of snow! enjoy it

  2. Love the snow people, well done...and it totally counts as a workout!

  3. Hi little bro,
    I totally think building snowmen count as a workout:) you and Kelly did an awesome job!! Great pictures:) The snow flakes look pretty big and very beautiful!! I am glad you got to be a kid today:)


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