Friday, February 26, 2010

Should I be nervous? It's only 25K....

Tomorrow I have my next race, a hilly 25K (course map) up in Norwalk, CT. I previewed half of the course 2 weeks ago so I am not intimidated. But its strange; I have never ran 15.5 miles at once before, and yet I feel like this will be some sort of training run. It is a race afterall! I guess the distance isn't intimidating anymore? Famous last words! haha!

I go by the mantra, "Nothing new on race day." However, when there is a freak shortage of Chocolate Gu for a few weeks leading up to a race, drastic measures need to be taken. Drastic, meaning "Orange Burst Gu."
I used to use this stuff a lot a few years ago, and it tastes really Guuud, but its like liquid Orange Life Savers and Chocolate is soooooo much better tasting (and its like dessert on the bike!). The Orange is basically my backup Gu flavor. Three of em should get me through the race tomorrow.

So enough talking about the future and time to talk about the past:

Bam! Thats what the weather did from Thurs to midday Friday. We got a half day on Thurs and then the weather knocked power out at work so we got a 3.5 day weekend! Woo hoo!!! This is the last punch before it died off:

Doesn't it look like the center is pinwheeling right above NYC?

We wound up with a lot more snow than last time. Not sure the exact amount, but there is a LOT of snow out there this time (for metro NYC standards).

(Sorry, I had to shoot through the screen. The amount of snow wouldn't let me open it!)

Finally, if you need a good laugh, head over to Regina @ Chiu On This. She compiled a number of, well let's say, NYC style "Love Letters" to those who can't park. My favorite is the one with the calligraphy style handwriting.


  1. Good luck on your race tomorrow! You're going to do awesome!

    As far as gu goes, I can't stomach the stuff. The consistency just makes me what to hurl. I'm more into shot blok and sports beans....yumm!

    I saw Regina's post too...those notes are pretty funny! :)

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Have fun!

    Sorry to hear about the gu shortage! I guess we better stock up if we see it.

  3. Sometimes taking a laid back approach to a race isnt a bad thing, it just means you trust your training! Good luck nonetheless!

  4. Aw! thanks for the shout out!

    They said we got 20.9" in Central Park. so you must have gotten the same.

  5. We had over a foot here in the northwest corner of the county.... maybe 16". Went skiing at Maple Moor golf course in White Plains. It was FUN!


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