Saturday, February 6, 2010

Me, swimming, VIDEO!

I first want to say that my swim technique, well, needs a LOT of work. But! You should have seen me a year ago! I defined "bad" technique.

This past week my super swimmer coworker, Bob, noticed that my right arm was crossing over really bad. It was a bad habit that I was developing and fortifying pretty well this winter. So, this week, since it was a rest week, we did a lot of drill work to put a STOP (or rather to mitigate) to the arm cross over and address it. Already I am starting to see some improvements, especially with a 4 x 200 yard set where I came in 1 second off my current PR during the last 200.

I will tell you this, having my right arm enter in a more "correct" spot feels so foreign!

Here is a before:

And after (my left arm is still crossing over pretty bad).



Here is a list of some of the things that need correcting:
My body position still sucks. Notice how much I am scissor kicking at the end of a stroke to "rebalance" myself? I am lifting my left hand up when I go to breath, essential throwing on the brakes. I lift my head when I breath. My body position looks like a wet noodle instead of me as a straight arrow. So many small things that add up to a lot of time and energy lost.

But at least I am recognizing these things NOW and not the week before my first race in 10 weeks.

For you swimmers out there, if you can, shoot video of yourself! This video feedback is priceless!


  1. Oh man I'm a mess in the pool. Perhaps I need someone to videotape me so I knew where to even start! I'm literally starting week #3 of ever swimming laps ...ever.

  2. Hi little bro,
    God watching that video brings back bad memories from Jr. High PE swimming class:) You looked not so much. I was terrified and still have issues with keeping my head under water for long periods of time! That was a great idea to tape your self...your so smart Jon!!

  3. I could use a video tape of my technique as well. It looks like you have a nice pool that is empty enough to do things like tape yourself. My pool has gotten so busy this year, it would be pretty inconvenient to try and setup a video camera. I'll have to give it a try eventually though.

  4. Videos are the best for swimming, I need to get one done this season too. Congrats on working on your form early in the season, that will save headaches later!

  5. It's amazing what we think are form looks like and what it actually is. Video is a great way to start making corrections!

    P.S. I can't get over how empty your pool is!!

  6. Wow,what a huge help that must be! I am going to have to recruit hubby to take video of me (I mean, he IS a cameraman...). I have been struggling with the head thing too. I always have to remind myself, but I guess recognizing it is the first step to fixing it.

    btw, made that pecan chicken the other night, only I used almonds; Sooooooo good! you were good to have broccoli, I made baked sweet potato fries.


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