Thursday, February 25, 2010

FTW.....its all mental

I'll let you figure out what FTW stands for...*hint* includes "The Weather".....if you still can't get it, look at the image below:

(I can hardly see where NYC is!!!)

I thought it was April showers bring May flowers. Not February crap brings March (you fill in the blank).

All I know is is that I could NOT live in Seattle or any other rainy place. It freaking depresses me!

All of this rain is keeping me from running outside, and the thought of hopping onto the dreadmill at this point just makes me wanna gag.

This weather also makes you not want to do anything. Its purely mental, and not physical. Gotta tell the brain to shut up!

The upside! Riding on the trainer for 4 days straight now has been pretty easy and uplifting. Monday was 13 miles, Tues, Wed, and this morning were 20 milers.

Thank you, Netflix, you R THE best!!!!


  1. Yeah, FTW! We got snow up here, but for sure, rain in the winter is so depressing! Great trainer work!

  2. I ran on the treadmill 3x this week. AHHH! Last year we had record rainfalls and now the snow just won't end!!

  3. Oh liitle bro,
    I promise you that spring will come eventually!! Your post did make me smile because I really do feel the same way!! Good job on the trainer workouts:)

  4. Dude I'm sorry ya'll keep getting slammed! :( Spring will come soon? That's all I got. FAIL.

  5. Sorry about the dreary seems to be everywhere this year! As I type we're getting snow...again. I know I live in Denver and snow is the norm, but I want it to end. I have a 9mile run to do this weekend and I refuse to do it on the dreadmill! Maybe if we all wish hard enough for spring to come it will come early. I know, wishful thinking, but all I can do is hope!

  6. Man... your weather is (and has been) insane. Mother Nature just seems pissed off at the Northeast for some reason. Like you said though, it is all mental and you just got to fight through and turn that FTW into "For the Win". :)

  7. I am with you, but I am thinking of moving somewhere warmer.


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