Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lance vs Lieto, TT in Hawaii

The triathlon world (and probably the cycling world) was abuzz this morning over tweet's from Lance Armstrong and Chris Lieto's twitter accounts about a head to head dual TT out in Hawaii. They raced 14 miles, 1 min apart. Who do you think won?

Pre race vid:

Post race vid:

So something REALLY REALLY baffles me here. Lance won in 18:35, 15 seconds faster than Lieto. Cool. I get that.

But Lance said that he averaged 56 km/hour = 35 mph. If you did 14 miles in 18:35, you would HAVE to maintain an average of 45 mph. I am confused!!! If they did 10.83 miles in 18:35, then yes, they would have maintained a 35 mph average. This is simple math, right?!?!?!?!

Regardless, really cool stuff to watch!


  1. The time must be in metric. Haha. I guess Lance should stick to biking and not math :)

    Those tail winds were ridiculous! I think next time they should race into the wind.

  2. You may enjoy this Pro's Blog. She was at the tail end of the 2nd video you posted.

  3. fast! Thanks for the post. I refuse to get into twitter as I am into facebook so this helped stay connected!

  4. Jon- So glad you posted this - I was going to say you should check Bree Wee's blog on this, but I just noticed someone beat me to it. It is pretty cool, check it out. I wonder if Lieto would have beat Lance if he didn't swim like, 3 miles first? :)


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