Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Off::No Day off

No work today! Yay!

Definately no day off workout wise, though. Yay!

So I was more so busy buying stuff than working out.

Since I have chewed through about 4 tires (yeah, tell me about it!) on the trainer so far this season turning each into a shrieking squeaky tire, I finally had had enough and went out and bought a nuclear bomb proof trainer tire.

(The rubber is REALLY thick!)

And ever since December when my run volume pitched upwards quite dramatically, I realized that I may be chewing through shoes about every 4 months. I went proactive and bought a brand new pair since with my busy running race schedule this spring I don't want to fall into a trap where I start new shoes on a race day. I'd rather get a few miles on a brand new pair.

(New color! I think they look badass!)'

While buying shoes I started to think about how long I have had my current running socks. I have a pair that are easily going on 18 months. Maaaaaybe its time to retire that pair and replace them. I only run in Thorlos and they have always been good to me, and they last FOREVER.

After stimulating the US economy for a few hours, it was time to actually use some of this stuff. So I hopped onto the trainer for a recovery ride. Did just 13 miles in 48 mins. Nothing too fast. My legs feel really good after yesterday's 11+ miler.

After scarfing down some leftovers, I was off to the pool for 3000 yards. Nothing complicated, just 2 X (500, 400, 300, 200, 100). I added some speed into the 300's and 200's. I was HUNGRY after the swim, so I rewarded myself for a hard day's work:

(My friend Venece's apple strudel with some vanilla ice cream. Yum!)


  1. I love those socks! My husband loves my socks too. He keeps wearing them and then I am stuck with a bunch of dirty running socks. Oh yeah...he does not run or anything! He just likes how cushy they are. Guess I should buy him his own!!

  2. Man, busy day for you! Love the new stuff!

  3. Hi little bro,
    Awesome work out and no work too!! Woo hoo!! Did you make the apple strudle? You did...didn't you?? It looks very goooood!! I hope that you had a great day Jon:)

  4. What's the tire you're using with your trainer?

  5. I am super jealous of that tire!! Details! What is it? I want one! I am obviously not riding enough BTW, I haven't gone through 1 tire yet on my trainer...

  6. Apparently we have similar taste in training accessories...I am also a Kurt Kinetic/Mizuno junkie. And as soon as I save up I am totally buying a cervelo bike...although I would really enjoy if they started producing them in hot pink...

  7. Nothing like NEW STUFF.... oh, and if I give you my address can you send me some of that pie? Yum!

  8. I love new stuff!!! Got to try out my new bike shoes on the spin bike at the gym. SPDs are my Looks so much better.


  9. love the socks! new socks always make me smile!

  10. Hi little bro,
    Thanks for the link, I will check it out when I get home from work:)


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