Thursday, May 22, 2008

took a day off and an early AM swim

Here is a first....i took a day off yesterday! I felt so depressed for not going out there and killing myself. The doppler on kept showing nasty lines of showers and thunderstorms, so I bailed on my ride. Instead it was just cloudy and not a drop of rain hit. WTF!

It was prolly for the best. I had worked out for 9 days straight without a break. Even though I feel like I am going to lose all of my form because of the one single day off, I need to keep reminding myself that if anything, the day off is going to make me stronger.

It must have helped because this AM I swam a mile (in a little under 50 mins...yikes!) and my arms didn't hurt at all. Actually what hurts is my back....which still hurts as I write this. So thats not good!

I also tried something during the swim. Instead of breathing every stroke, I tested out breathing every 2 strokes. I immediately swam a LOT faster doing this. However, holding my breath that long and doing it everytime just sapped me so I did it every now and then. It did flick a light in my brain though....I could go halfway and do bilateral breathing. I think it is time to start doing this.


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