Saturday, May 17, 2008

first OWS

OWS = open water swim. Just got back from it. We (a group of die hard westchester cycling club members) were guessing that the water was about 60 degrees. Fortunately I had one my new wet-suit. Wow that thing makes a difference!.....until you put your face in the water. haha!

I didn't feel cold at all. But once my face went INTO the water I had some breathing issues and start to hyperventilate a bit. Fortunately because the wetsuit is so boyant that I just rolled over onto my back and just hung there and caught my breath. Once my breathing calmed down I was able to start swimming in a rythm, sort of...basically I would inhale then blow my bubbles in the water but I was still breathing a bit fast so I sorta breathed in through my nose a few times which disrupted my rythm. It just took a few minutes of ugly swimming before I was FINALLY adjusted to the water with my face in the water and I could just go.

The next big hurdle was sighting. I would swim about 10 strokes, stop, look up where my target was (which was a big rock on the opposite shore), and repeat. When we got to the other side it felt good to stop and rest. I couldn't get over how warm the water felt!

On the way back I swam a lot better and stayed in a much more consistent rythm. I worked on my sighting this time. Our fearless leader told me that about ever 5th stroke lift your head up straight to breath and sight. This at first was easy, but after awhile start to take a toll on form and strength. That was ok because it is a necessary thing to do with this type of swimming and prolly will make me stronger.

Overall swimming in the pool helps a lot, but still isn't enough to make an OWS easier. I just need to do one more OWS before the race June 1st.

Here is the swim route.


  1. Hey man, can I steal that map link idea? Thanks. Great swimming with you.

  2. Follow through with your stroke, and don't forget to blow your bubbles. :-)

  3. Glad to see the pix really did come out! Have a great weekend in NH.
    I'm planning an OWS on Sunday--hope it goes better than this one.


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