Tuesday, May 27, 2008

another 1 mile swim

Did it without stopping and did it in 45:00 mins flat. I did some sorta interval work where I would swim a length, then power the next length back as hard as I could go, then repeat 4 more times. Did that 2x at various spots during the swim.

I am really starting to see more and more that I am just not a fast swimmer. Yeah I know I can bike super fast if I wanted to or I could just go in an all out sprint while running if I wanted to, but with swimming, I just can't see to go fast for longer than 25 yards, and even while doing that I just feel sluggish.

I think its time to start consulting the pros. The Y has a Master's swim coach and I think I am going to contact him to see if I can get some private lessons and be a sponge and soke up as much knowledge as I can.


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