Sunday, May 4, 2008

greenwich cup biathlon

Finished my duathlon in 1:11:38. YES! I AM HAPPY ABOUT THAT TIME!

I don't think they recorded split times, but I did look up and see that my first run (2.5 miles) was finished in 20 mins flat, or an 8 min mile. 8 mins! YES! Thats crazy! At the brooklyn duathlon in March I ran a 9 min mile on the first run stretch and for me then, that was a new record. A minute difference! YES!

The biking portion of the race was my strong point again. I was zipping past people again. But this time, I was using my TT bike. Man that bike is fast! Or rather, I hope the engine on the bike is fast ;)

I felt very confident on the TT bike and when I hit the hill I just got into my lowest gear and cranked up it. Kinda troubling, but at times I wanted to puke on the bike I was going so hard. I even thought I was going too hard and that I would crap out on the 2nd run.

Which didn't happen. Of course the begginning of the 2nd run was slow and it hurt, but soon my legs adjusted and I went into autopilot mode. I knew I was going to finish, but just had to "do it."

My right calf cramped up again and I felt it throughout the 2nd run. Fortunately it was not as bad and doesn't hurt as bad right now. We shall see tomorrow how that goes.

Again, I gotta do more bricks. Its as simple as that! Overall, I was pleased with the race. I think I came exactly in the middle of the field. A big confidence boost today!


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